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The Sinners – Season 2 Episode 4

Episode 4



“My name is Chuka, my uncle was brought here earlier, please what room is he in. I have been trying my aunt’s number and have been unable to connect; can you direct me to his room?”


“Who is your uncle?” She asked, her eyes never leaving his, which made him very uncomfortable.


“Engineer Eze, he was brought in here around 2 PM.” She fiddled with the keyboard in front of her for a moment before returning her gaze to him.


“He is in the West Wing of the hospital, room 105.”


“Thanks a lot for your help. How do I get to the West Wing?”


“Go back the way you came in, follow the path way on your right, at the T-junction, continue to your right, the West Wing is the huge building in front of you; you can’t miss it.”


“Thanks again.” And with that he disappeared out the door.


It surprised him the number of people at the hospital, there were more than a three dozen cars in the parking lot to his left and he knew that was not the only parking space at the hospital, there was also twice that number of people roaming the hospital, all these people can’t all be having health issues, he found himself asking. Hospitals reminded him always of the mortality of man, you spend your days working hard, trying to make ends meet, one day you fall ill and they say it’s cancer or some incurable disease and then you die and other people get to get fat off of your sweat. He felt a chill course down his spine; he could not wait to leave this hospital behind.


The West Wing loomed in front of him like a phoenix, big and resplendent, covering area of about 80 x 80 feet, it was a building of about three storey, painted the same white as the rest of the hospital with crimson beams and lintel, its well manicured lawn and flower screamed “rich people” and unlike the wing he had come from, this place had a lighter traffic and its parking lot was almost empty. Its automated door parted into a pristine white, air conditioned lobby, the white color of the wall flowed into the white tile that covered the entire floor. Against a corner by the door that led to the various was a glass desk and behind sat another pretty nurse but this one looked out of place here, she looked like she should be walking the runway somewhere wearing designers and strutting her stuff. The frosted glass of the desk prevented him from looking beyond her neck, too bad; he would have liked to see more of her.


“Good day, how do I get to Room 105?”


“Who are you here to see?”


“My uncle, he was brought in here not more than an hour ago.”


The nurse looked at him skeptically, and then turned to her computer and a few seconds later turned back to him. “Two patients were brought in here within the time period you said but they are both not allowed visitors, so I am sorry, you cannot see him.” She said firmly.


“I see.” He said disappointed and as an afterthought, “but can I ask how he is?”


“Who did you say your uncle was again?”


“Eze, Ifeanyichukwu Eze.” She consulted her computer again.


“Mr. Eze, 50 years, brought in with a mild cardiac arrest, in stable condition now but would be bedridden for a few days.” She said.


“I really appreciate this; my dad would really love to hear that. Thanks a lot.” As he spoke, he noticed Mrs. Eze walking towards the lobby, she must not see him, he immediately brought his phone to his ears, pretending to take a call. “Sorry, I have to take this.” And immediately made a hasty exit, as he stepped through the door, he could hear the other door open and the shuffle of feet follow it, just as the automated door was shutting.


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