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The Sinners – Season 2 Episode 3

Episode 3


His hands shock terribly, his vision became blurry, a sharp pain bit him unrelentingly underneath his armpit, he lowered himself to the seat but the pain did not subside, his hands felt wobbly, he could not hold on to the phone in his hand, it dropped to the floor with a clatter, it felt like a horse had kicked him in the chest, he grabbed at the pain but it did nothing to pacify it. He could hear his name but it sounded as though it was coming from the far end of the tunnel, he was aware of the raucous around him as his vision began to blur and fade, till it turned black.




From the balcony of the two storey building, he had a clear sight of the building in front of him, it was a bunch of office buildings, the one he was seated in front of was a cyber café, no one was going to worry about a guy leaning on the railing smoking cigarette but he did well to keep out of sight, better safe than sorry.


He had signed up a week earlier to learn photo-shopping and video editing and had paid a hefty fee for it but in truth, it was the perfect excuse to be at the café everyday and every opportunity he got. A smile split his lips and his hand hung midair with the cigarette, he had learnt Photoshop and video years ago and was very adept at it, in fact that was how he earned his living but what cracked him up was having to seat for four hours every day listening to a quack give him a half baked lecture about editing tools, using outdated applications on an outdated computer system.


He joked that the computer OS must have been a Pentium One; it was little wonder that it spent most of the time frozen, then the hack would have them copy notes. Notes! Who copied notes for a subject that required ninety five percent practical and five percent writing?


The owner of the café, a soft spoken, lanky young man in his mid thirties who liked to be called Sparkles, who looked like he’d rather be anywhere but running an ailing business, once running an internet café had been big business but not anymore, the emergence of GSM and cheap internet had made access to information easier. Today cyber cafes were considered dinosaurs trying to stay relevant, they had slowly morphed into business centers, opting to do more photocopying and printing as people who walked through the door seeking to use the internet grew smaller and smaller.


He sucked hard on the butt of the stick in his hand and blew out a thick cloud of smoke, suddenly something caught his attention in the building across the road, first it had been what seemed like the guttural cry of a woman, and this was followed closely by scampering of people in the compound. The next instant, the gate was thrown open and a car flew threw it. He flung his cigarette and dashed downstairs.


“Hello, yes, a car just left the house, yes, I will try to make inquiries and get back to you. Okay, thank you.”


Minutes later he found himself in a vast compound and he walked into it. The place reeked of disinfectants and something sinister; sickness with a tinge of death, he really hated hospitals, he always shirked any opportunity of visiting them, somehow he felt that whatever sickness lurked therein will infect him and that would mean taking medications or worst still; injection. Those were the worst.


There were about ten people waiting in the large reception when he walked in, some looked sickly, the others he figured had come to visit their loved ones. He stood surveying them and trying to figure out his next move. Going from room to room was bound to raise suspicion, so he decided to go with option B; ask the receptionist.


The receptionist was scribbling furiously on the paper in front of her, barely aware of the people around her, once in a while the intercom would ring and she’d pick up and go on to answer in the affirmative and then hang up and go back to writing.


“Good morning ma.” He said when he walked up to the desk.


“Good morning.” She replied, looking up at him. When she looked up, he realized that she was no older than twenty-four and hoped calling her ma would not have made her feel offended.


She had a pretty, oval face on which were set two sets of curious eyes, a pointy nose and very thin lips that had been painted in a pink coat of lipstick. Despite this, she wore a straight, unsmiling face, a typical nurse’s face, blank and emotionless.

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