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The Sinners – Season 1 Episode 5

Episode 5



Before she met Lawrence, Rebecca could count on one hand the number of times she had been inside a club, it wasn’t because she was an introvert, far from it, and she was just not really attracted to the scene. She preferred the company of friends and acquaintances, yet still, she could name the clubs she had been to and the number of times she had been in them.


Gemini just went into the list of clubs Rebecca Eze had being to, she thought wryly, as Ice Man led them into the VIP booth which was perched above the dance floor, giving its occupants a bird’s eye view of happenings below. Ice Man asked for a bottle of whiskey and proceeded to light a cigarette; another reason Rebecca did not like him, for someone named Ice Man, he sure breathed a lot of fire. He always wore the lingering smell of spent fumes, something that repulsed her at the beginning but had waned after a time.


Their drink soon arrived and Rebecca poured herself a drink, which she nursed gently, while watching the people below dance and revel. A cool voice forced her to turn her attention to the VIP booth, standing just at the entrance of the booth, was a tall slender girl in a figure fitting sequined dress that stopped a few inches under the cuff of her buttocks, her full breast packed in an undersized bra causing it to appear even fuller, her slender hips ran into long gazelle like legs, ending in a flat soled shoe that looked like it cost a fortune. Seated above an equally slender neck was a pretty enough face, which she could not see given the poor lighting in the room. She walked casually to where Ice Man was seated and plopped down on his lap like it was the most natural thing in the world.


“Guys lemme introduce you to my lady, Loretta. Loretta these are my peeps.” He said with a swing of the hand.


“Nice to meet you” Both Lawrence and Rebecca chorused, taking her surprisingly coarse hand one after the other in handshake.

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