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The Silent Victim – Season 1 – Episode 2 [Completed]

After four weeks…I noticed that for some days , the lady have stop coming out, every time I come back from work her door is always lock.
then one Saturday the whole compound started smelling like a rotten dead body of something… we searched and searched but we did not see anything then one person said he could perceived the smell from the same lady room …and that’s she we decided to break the door after several knocking but no response.
the door was forcefully break and that’s when we saw the dead body of the same lady that has always been silent…her body has swollen and turn black and the whole room was stinking but then there was a paper on her hand, like something she wrote before she died..
I put on a hand gloves as I pick the paper to read…
( This was written on the paper)

I lost my parents at a very young age, I went to live with my uncle who raped and molested me…I ran for my life but then I noticed I was pregnant, while trying to keep my self, I took drugs prescribed by a friend and then my womb damaged… I went through hell in life but no one to share my problems with, o was criticised and left alone and no one to care for me….so many people made entry into my life but instead of repairing my broken life they shattered it the more.
every night I cry but no one was there to wipe my tears off, sometimes I wished an angel could just come and ask me how am I doing… then maybe I would have shared my problem with the person, but no one came…no one…one cared, no one…I think alone and then find my solutions alone…that when I decided that death is the better option.
after reading this, I fell down to the floor and cried, I wished I has spoken to her, I wished I was that angel, I wished I listen to my heart…but no I joined everyone else…not knowing she is one of the silent victim ….
I watched as they carried her corpse .

The end

from then henceforth , I promised never to neglect anyone and to always Care.

hope we learnt something, I just wasn’t us to know that many people out there are dying of depression …please be an angel today as you save a soul…

God bless u all

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