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The Shift Of Fate (Short Story – Season 1 Episode 9

Episode 9
Where am I?
I wished that someone could just answer my question.
Am I dead?
I felt ethereal at that instant but I was afraid because I
felt pain and I had heard that you don’t feel pain in
Am in hell?
I felt serious pains in my joints and marrows and then, I
felt wet- yet I could still feel warmth.
Somebody was holding me!
I heard sobs!
Where am I Lord?
I was afraid because if it was hell, then I was doomed! If
I missed heaven, then I would be in eternal damnation
I couldn’t even feel my body!
Just then I felt sudden weakness and I sneezed loudly.
‘Jesus!’ I heard that voice very close to me. Who was
mentioning that sacred name?
Is this heaven? I kept on asking myself, very confused.
‘Princess!’ the voice called me, I felt firm, warm hands
touching my bare shoulders.
My heart skipped a beat.
A man’s hand!
Bare shoulders!
‘Am I Unclad?’ I screamed aloud and then, my eyes
opened. I closed them again and then opened them.
Am on that earth again?
That deadly stupid earth?
I opened my eyes again in a bid to see who had earlier
touched me.
Then, I saw him, sitting on the stool with a bible by his
side. He was looking intently at me, his head bowed as if
in prayers. I checked my body and I was well clad in a
very free armless top, my body covered with a plain white
It was a hospital!- an intensive care unit ward!
What had happened to me?
‘Niel!’ I called out and he smiled broadly, his hands raised
to heaven.
‘Lord I thank you. I really worship you. You are real!’ he
said and my heart went sour.
This one too can pray? This filthy guy?
Don’t call what I have purified unclean! I heard that voice.
He has been activated! I can hear his voice!
I was excited to hear his voice but I wasn’t ready to obey
it. Not as far as Niel was concerned!
‘I thank God you are awake! We have prayed and prayed.
All thanks to God. It’s been a week’ he said.
Nice baritone voice! Gritty!
I shook my head to order
‘Don’t even think about it’ I said to myself and stood up.
My head was tingling in pain and there was a tube
connected to my vein.
‘Did you just say it’s been a week?’ I asked and he
‘Yes it is. Today is Thursday’ he said, smiling, his teeth
sparkling white.
Well set!
I shook my head again.
‘Princess, get yourself together abeg!’ I told myself
silently as I tried to stand from the bed. He stood up too,
dragging the stool backwards
‘Please take it easy’ he said in a very caring, concerned
tone but I was irritated.
Why was he here? Who brought me to the hospital and
got me admitted in the hospital- the intensive care unit
for that matter!
‘Where is my mother?’ I asked him and he looked into my
face with his hands folded behind him in obeisance.
‘She went to the church with your sisters. She called me
over here to stay with you.’ He replied and I looked at
‘My mother called you to stay here with me?’ I asked,
almost irritated and he smiled, a little bit embarrassed.
‘Yes! She had no one else to call. After we both fainted
that day, I woke up later when Briton started barking and
I realised you were still on the floor, almost lifelessly. I
called out in a loud voice but the soundproof door
wouldn’t allow anyone hear my voice’ he said and I tried
sitting back on the bed when I had a sudden headache.
He rushed to hold me so as to guide me back into the
bed but I shrugged him off!
‘You are feeling dizzy?’ he asked and I smiled in my
So precise!
I loved a man who is sensitive and precise when dealing
with a female counterpart like anything!
He got it correctly. I was feeling dizzy but I would not be
deterred. I removed the thin tube fixed into the vein on
my right hand and he opened his mouth.
‘Why?’ he asked and I didn’t respond.
I stood up again defying my pains and the heavy
throbbing in my head, slipped my long beautiful feet into
the slippers nearby and looked around the room for my
purse- possibly and right beside my pillow it was. I smiled
Everything is working in my way!
‘Thanks for everything’ I said to him and the look on his
face was sad
‘Where are you going to?’ he asked and I smiled. I
nodded like an agama lizard as I approached the door.
‘Gracias!’ I exclaimed as I went out of the room
As I went past the wards that were nearby, I was
determined not to allow anybody stop me from achieving
my goals.
‘I have to go back to Germany! If I am there, maybe the
Holy Spirit will come down from heaven and force me to
Nigeria. I am not disobeying him o. But I am only saying
no!’ I said to myself as I walked on fervently.
I flagged down a taxi and as I wanted to board it, I heard
my name firmly behind me. I turned back and saw Niel. I
‘What exactly is the problem?’ I asked him and he pursed
his lips, folding his hands in balls.
‘Are you…perhaps…princess, are you running away from…
everyone because of…perhaps because of me?’ I said
incoherently, his voice shaky. I smiled
‘You defined it!’ I said plainly, entered the car and it
zoomed off.

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