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After reading the stone I see it’s
beginning to get dark, I look down at my
hands. Only one flag is left so I stick it in
the ground at the front of his grave and
begin to walk back. All I can think of is,
the Sextons had a son. Not only a
beautiful daughter but a joyful son and
he was only three when he died. All the
attention was on Anna that no one
remembered their son, which makes me
sad since he did die at such a young,
innocent age. But the question is, How
did he die?

I wake up the next morning to the sound
of someone beating down my door. I drag
myself to the front of the house and
unlock the old wooded entrance to find
Charlie standing on my front porch.

I wipe the sleep from my eyes, “I’ve
been knocking on your door for twenty
minutes why weren’t you up?” He asks

I stretch my arms out behind me before
answering. “Why would I need to be
“You start work today remember?”
S–t. I forgot all about me agreeing to
work at the cemetery with Charlie.

“I’m sorry I forgot.”

“It’s fine, now get dressed we need to
work fast to catch up on the time we

After Charlie told me to meet him in the
backyard once I was dressed, he left. I
ran around my room, grabbing an old T-
shirt and jeans and pair of tennis shoes,
I walked into the kitchen grabbing me a
banana and headed towards the back

I opened the sliding door
before meeting Charlie in the back yard.

“Alright, I want you to start
with taking this trash bag,” he said
heading me the black bag, “And pick up
all of the fake flowers, throwing the ones
that look old away.”

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I took the bags and starting picking the
old flower arrangements off of the
tombstones and throwing them away.

After getting about half the cemetery
done, which took over an hour, all the
trash bags Charlie had given me were
full. I started heading back to the front
of the graveyard so I could throw these
away and get some more, but before I
could an elderly women stopped me.

“Sir? Is there anyway you could fix my
husbands stone it seem to be split right
down the middle.”

I followed her gaze to the old tombstone
that looked very old. “I’m not really
sure… I just started working here today
but if you’ll follow me I can ask my boss
for you.” I wasn’t really sure if Charlie
was my boss or not, but what else could
he be?
“Oh, I better be going anyway.” I turn
towards where she was standing but she
was gone.

Where the hell did she go? I look all
around me, trying to find a obvious
reason as to where she could have went,
but there was none. I started walking
back towards the front of the cemetery to
find Charlie. “What took you so long?” he
yelled from a few feet away.

Did I really want to tell him about the old
lady? Will he think I’m crazy? Probably,
but Charlie is crazy enough as it is. “An
old women stopped me and asked if I
could fix her husbands tombstone.” I
said, laying the two garbage bags in the

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“Well, you must be imagining things
because the cemetery is closed today for
maintenance.” This can’t be true. Maybe
the old women just snuck in or
something that has to be it. “Or maybe
she was a ghost.” He said with all
seriousness, then he cracked a smile and
told me, “I’m joking, but did you see
your face? It was priceless.”

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“Yeah, real funny.” I grabbed
another bag and headed back to the
cemetery. Charlie sure was acting weird,
yet I too was talking about an elderly
lady talking to me.

I hear a bang upstairs the noise causing
me to drop my chips onto the ground. I
picked them up, sweeping the bed clean
from crumbs. I knew what the sound
was and honestly this girl was getting on
my nerves. I know I should be running
home to mommy after the first time I
heard her, but if she’s a ghost, why is
she here? Why do ghost even exist?
What’s her purpose here?

So many questions are whirling through
my head I’m not even for sure which
one I should figure out first. I grab my
laptop from the side table, going straight
to Google. If anything can help me
understand this ‘ghost girl’ than Google
is a good start.
I type in ‘Ghost Hunters’ laughing at
what I typed in, but to my surprise some
links and articles popped up. I pushed on
one, reading some on it. It’s about people
who hunt down ghosts for a living, you
can hire someone to come to your house
and bring all types of ghostly gadgets. I
almost push the bar reading, ‘find ghost
hunters near you,’ but decide against it.
I need to figure this out on my own and
fast too, my mother will be arriving in
just a few short days and if she finds out
this house is actually haunted and not
just a made up story she’ll haul my a-s
back to New York before I even get a
word in to protest against it.

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I set my computer on the nightstand
beside me and cover up, trying to block
out the noise of my ghost roommate.

The next morning I wake up ten minutes
before my alarms sounds.

“Is it eight thirty already?” I
asked, looking around for a clock to
indicate I was late for work.

“No, no, we won’t be working today a
storm is brewing.” Brewing, really?

“Oh, okay.” I say as both standing there
awkwardly. “You can come in if you
want?” I ask him.

I know I won’t be doing anything all day
so I might as well have someone to spend
it with, even though Charlie is a bit
weird. “Sure,” he says and we both walk
back into the kitchen.

I fix myself a cup of coffee before
offering Charlie some. “So, tell me some
more about the Sextons.”

I’m hoping he won’t shut me down on it,
because the more I know about them,
the more I’ll be able to understand why
their daughter haunts my house.

“Harry, I’m really not sure why you’re so
interested in them, they’re dead and not
coming back.” He tells me dryly.

“I’m interested in them because their
daughter, Anna, haunts my home.” I fire
back and Charlie looks a bit stunned.

“I know she does, but maybe you should
just let it go?” I can’t just let it go, when
there is an freaking ghost upstairs doing
only Gods knows what.

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