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I froze at the sound of foot steps as
lightning filled the sky.

There seems to be a storm here way too
often. I slowly got out of bed, determined
to find out what was going on upstairs.

The floor creaked as my weight balanced
between the wooden boards. I slowly
made my way to the living room.

Once there I stood before the red
carpeted stairs. I quietly walked up
them, thankfully the lights didn’t flicker
as I made my way to the door.

I was now standing before the old
wooden entrance. I grabbed the door
knob, sU-Cking in a sharp breath.

I pushed the door in as it opened
completely. It was pitch black but the
window right across the room
illuminated the small area making it not
as difficult to see. I searched for a light
switch but couldn’t find one, I was very
tempted to shut the door and go back
down stairs like nothing had happen but
I knew I couldn’t do that. I took my
phone out of my pants pocket, turning
on the flashlight and scanning the room
with it. The only things I could make out
were a twin size bed and a full length
mirror. Just as I was about to give up
and leave, my light landed in the corner
of the room where someone I never
thought I would actually see was.

My breath caught in my throat as a pale,
tall, white, beautiful girl with long, dark
hair stood with piercing blue eyes
staring right at me. I stood there in utter
shock, so did she. I blinked several
times, not believing what I was seeing. It
couldn’t be, I thought as lighting flashed
in front of her. When the light left her so
did she, she was gone…

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But where? Just as I thought that
someone knocked my phone out of my
hand. I let out a scream as it screamed
for me to leave and I obeyed, leaving my
phone behind and running down the
stairs without a second thought.

I quickly ran to my room, cursing at
myself for not shutting the d–n door
behind me. I curled up in bed and
turned off the lights and tried to sleep. It
was hard after what had just happened
upstairs. I had just seen Anna Sexton for
the first time and she doesn’t seem to
like me either.

* * *

The next morning I woke up to a
pounding headache. I rolled around in
bed trying to get it to stop or at least
ease up but it had a mind of it’s own. I
finally got up out of bed and headed for
the kitchen to try and find some Advil.

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As I inter the kitchen everything from
last night slowly starts to come back.

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How Anna knocked my phone out of my
hand and how she screamed at me to
leave. I grab the bottle of Advil and sit
down at the table trying to think of a
way I could get my phone back.

I decide I’ll just look up ways on the
internet, even though it’ll probably be a
bunch of bullshit. I need something
though because I’m clueless about
ghosts. I go on Google and type in the
search bar, ‘how to keep ghosts away’.

Thankfully a whole bunch of sites

I click on one, reading through some of
the things you can do. One being to
paint around your doors and roof blue so
the ghost will think it’s water because
it’s believed in some countries that
ghosts can’t cross water. Another article
said to wear a cross necklace, it’s said to
keep away ghosts and demons. I read
through more before closing the
computer and heading to my room.

I search my closet for a small wooden
box, I throw clothes and sheets to the
side as I looked for the box in a hurry.

Once I grasp it in my hand I take it over
to my bed and open it carefully digging
through the gold and silver chains until I
spot what I am looking for. I take out the
cross pendant and fasten it behind my

I used to attend church when I was
younger but lately I haven’t, not after we
moved to New York. Everything changed
once we moved, in good ways, yes but
bad memories still followed us even
when we left behind so much.

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I hurried up the stairs, trying not to
think too much about what I was doing
because I knew if I did I would regret it
and chicken out. As I neared the door, I
opened it. The door was already cracked
open since I forgot to shut it last night. I
go in looking around, I could finally see
everything and thankfully there wasn’t
any sign of Anna. A small bed was set off
to the corner, the full length mirror I
saw last night was standing on the
opposite side of the room and the
window was partly boarded up -some
pieces of the wood had fallen down and
were resting on the floor below. I step
forward and my right foot kicks
something sitting on the floor. I look
down to see I had kicked my phone, I
pick it up thanking God it hadn’t
cracked. After having one last look at the
room I shut the door behind me and
went down stairs.

“That wasn’t so bad.” I said to myself just
as the door bell rang…..

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