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You can tell me whatever it is. If I
would have known it would have upset
you, I wouldn’t have mentioned it.” I feel
slightly bad now since it was my idea to
come here, but I just knew she would
love it once she saw this place.

“It’s just that someone very special to me
is buried here and it just made me think
of them since we are here.” I nod my
head in understanding and say,”If you
want to go back we can. We don’t have
to go. It’s honestly no big deal to me if
we don’t.” She shakes her head no
before grabbing my hand and enclosing
it with hers.

We walk in silence only the sound of the
night and all the creatures that lurk in it.

Once we make it to the back of the
graveyard we go straight into the woods,
staying close to each other since the
trees shade hardly letting any light seep
through. Somehow or another I managed
to remember how to get back to this
place even in the dark night.

“It sure is creepy out here.” I whisper, no
longer trying to sound manly since that
obviously isn’t going to work since I’m
slightly terrified of the dark.

“I agree, but it’s also kind of peaceful.

You’re just a scaredy cat.” Anna teases. I
hit her shoulder with mine and she
bumps me back. “I am not a scaredy cat,
I just don’t like the dark very much.”
Anna laughs at me before saying, “It’s
okay to be afraid, Harry. You’re alive, so
you have a right to be. I am dead so I’m
not really worried about getting attack by
a bear or whatever you are scared of.” I
nod my head, knowing that she is right,
but still hating the fact that she knows
now that I’m afraid of something so

“Well, it looks like we are here.” I say,
looking over at the small river like place.
I take Anna’s hand and pull her with me
to the water until we are right up on it. I
sit down and stick my feet in, feeling
the lukewarm substance. I pull off my T-
shirt and jeans leaving myself in only
boxers. I slip into the water swimming
around a little while I wait for Anna
who looks hesitant to get in.

she was making up her mind. she
wasn’t going to tell him..she would make
tonight unforgettable for him.

“What’s wrong? Is somebody afraid of a
little water?” I tease, in a baby voice. She
looks at me with her hands on her hips
and says, “No. I was just shocked that
you would strip down like that in front
of me.” I laugh to myself, even though I
probably should have brought swimming
trunks with me, but sometimes you got
to live a little on the wild side.

“Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t know ghost could
get turned on.” I laugh to myself, as the
look on Anna’s face is priceless. “Harry! I
am a lady and you shouldn’t say these
things!” She yells/laughs at me. I shrug
not really caring if it embarrassed her or

“Are you going to get in? Or am I going
to have to drag you in?” I wiggle my
eyebrows, before swimming over to the
edge and pulling myself out of the water
all while Anna is shaking her head no
and repeating over an over, ‘Harry, no.’I
just laugh and grab her by the waist and
throw her and myself into the water. She
comes up and smacks me across the face
before saying,
“Harry! What is wrong with you?” She
half laughs, holding onto me since the
water is really deep.

“That was funny, don’t lie and you can’t
say I almost killed you because then that
would make you a liar.” I grin at her. She
narrows her ocean blue eyes at me
before saying, “You’re something else.”

We both swim around for awhile Anna
staying close to me, which I don’t mind
at all. After about an hour of just talking
small talk and enjoying the water she
speaks up and says, “Have you ever been
in love?” The question takes me by
surprise. I cough a bit before answering.

“I thought I was at one time, but now
that I look back on it I realize that wasn’t
really love it was just lust and the idea of
us being together. Have you ever been in
“Yes. I was madly in love with a boy, he
was my other half. We were completely
for each other in every way possible.”

For some reason I feel some kind of
jealously for the guy that Anna was
supposedly madly in love with. I know
this had to have happened in her human
life but still it slightly bugs me.

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