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I head over to my room hoping to get a
nap in before telling Anna about my new
discovery. I just know she will want to
head straight over there once I tell her. I
kick off my shoes and lay down in bed,
hoping to fall right asleep, which I
surprisingly do.

It seems that only a few minutes has
passed since I fell asleep, but when I
look at my clock on my nightstand it
reads ‘5:03pm.’ I toss around in bed for a
few more minutes until I start to hear a
drizzle of rain coming down onto the
roof. I sit up in bed, kicking my feet
over the mattress and putting my shoes
back on. I drag myself to the bathroom
and brush my teeth, since my breath
doesn’t taste the best- and probably
doesn’t smell the best either. After using
the bathroom I head upstairs in hope of
finding Anna.

The stairs creak with every step I take,
but it’s not as creepy as it used to be. I
have learned to ignore the noise and
focus on the reason why I’m walking up
the stairs, which is to see Anna.

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I push the door open, it creaking as well.
I flip the switch on after seeing Anna
wave lately to me from her bed.
“Hello,” I say waving back at her. She
smiles brightly at me.

“Hey, how are you?” I walk closer to her
until I’m at her bedside.
“Good, good. I came to tell you about my
discovery.” I tell her excitedly, throwing
my hands up like an idiot that I know I
truly am.
“Oh really? Tell me all about it!” I begin
to tell her, but then I think to myself that
it would probably be a better idea to just
show her.
“So what do you say? Will you come back
there with me?” She thinks hard on my
offer, before sending me a bright smile
that means yes.
We head down the stairs and to the back
porch where we then cross the backyard
until we are in front of the gate to the
cemetery. I move the small handle over
that keeps the gate closed, letting Anna
proceed first before closing the gate

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“It’s at the back of the graveyard, so it
will take a few minutes to get there.” I
tell Anna, who looks deep in thought. I
want to ask her what she is thinking
about, but I don’t want to come off as
nosy. I can’t stand when people ask me
what I’m thinking or why I look so sad. It
honestly gets on my nerves, but
something tells me I should ask her
about it anyways.
Anna was never going to see him again.
but she didn’t know how to tell him.

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“Are you alright?” It takes her a minute
to respond before she quickly says,
“Yeah, yeah. I’m fine. I was just
thinking.” I nod my head, telling myself
not to push it but I know there is
something else wrong.
“Are you sure there isn’t anything
wrong? Maybe something else that is on
your mind?” I have always hated trying
to figure out girls and you would think
once they’re dead you wouldn’t have to
worry about it anymore, but no I still do.

But this girl is different, so I don’t mind.

“This graveyard just brings back
memories I guess…” She trails off,
looking down at her hands. I stop
walking knowing I must figure out what
is upsetting her about this cemetery
besides the obvious that it is, in fact, a

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