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After standing in the kitchen with my
thoughts lingering on, I head outside to meet Charlie. I spot the old
man by the shed. He is messing with
what looks to be a cell phone.
“Harry, there you are! I need your help.”
He says, motioning me over.

we finally get to work. He
sends me off to take the dead/colorless
arrangements off of the tombstones. I
start at the front of the cemetery where I
begin to throw the old ones away. It
takes me about a hour to make it near
the back of the graveyard. I pass by
Daniel’s stone. I stop by it and dust the
dead grass off of it.
After staring at the stone I turn towards
the woods away from the house. I leave
the bag of arrangements sitting beside
Daniels grave. I walk to the edge of the
tree line and squint into the dark forest,
attempting to see inside. I proceed into
the woods, not afraid of what might be
lurking ahead of me. Branches snap
underneath my feet as I make my way
through the wooden area. My thoughts
seem to find their way back to Anna and
how she said she knew someone buried
in the cemetery. The only other person
with the last name ‘Sexton’ buried in the
graveyard is, Daniel. Maybe he is her
cousin, I’m not really sure.
I continue maneuvering through the
woods, not really sure what I’m looking
for, hoping to fine something interesting,
After awhile of walking and pushing
back branches the thought hits me that I
might not be able to find my way back
out of here. I brush off the thought and
continue my journey in the woods.
Within just a few minutes of walking
longer I begin to hear the sound of
running water. I speed up my walking
pace and jog in the direction of the
sound of water. I break through the
heavy trees and end up in a open area.

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the area is in the shape of a circle with
trees lining the circle. In the middle of
the clearing sits a small Crystal clear pool
with a small waterfall coming off of the
side of a rocky area behind the pool of
water. i walk towards the water and
stand near the edge, looking down at
what looks to be endless amount of
water. I dip my feet into the water to be
surprised with a lukewarm substance.
After checking out the place I go over to
the waterfall and climb the rock in hopes
of seeing which way home is. Thankfully
when I reach the top I spot which way I
need to be heading in.
After walking for what seemed like
miles, ( but was only like twenty
minutes.) I make it back to the back of
the cemetery. I grab the bag of dead
flowers and start making my way back to
the house. On the way to the shed, I toss
the bag into the garbage can and bid
Charlie goodbye.

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once in the house I wait for Anna,
excited to tell her about my new

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