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I watch as Anna slowly fades away to
nothing. I reach my hand out to where
she was just sitting, and My hand whips
through the air as expected. I stay seated
for several minutes before finally getting
up and starting home. Since we walked-
well, more we ran here it will take

My thoughts seem to find their way back
to Anna, as they usually do. She is such
an odd soul. There is so much mystery
about this girl, I can’t keep her off my
mind. I know the more I think about her
the more I will wonder.

It’s odd how I have grown so attached to
her so quickly, but there is just
something about her that makes me want
to learn more. I feel like I am supposed
to protect her from this cruel world. She
has already been through so much I
can’t stand the thought of her enduring
anymore. I mean she is just a lost soul
wanting to go home, but that’s just it,
she doesn’t have a home or resting place
she is stuck here left to fend for herself.
Someone has to take care of her, and I
know she has taken care of herself for
years, but it’s never to late to show
someone what love can be like. Love
doesn’t always have to be shown through
sexual acts or buying of gifts. Love can
be as simple as taking care of someone
because being loved is about feeling
belonged and wanted even if you’re
broken in so many pieces that it takes a
certain type of person to put you back to
being whole again.
I guess you could say I’m slowly falling
in love with Anna Sexton, the ghost in
the tower window. If only she was alive
this might actually work out. I know Jane
has something for me and at one time I
felt something for her too, but it’s
different now. I don’t know what it was
about tonight that just made it feel so
right, but it did and I want everyday to
feel like today. It’s hard though having
feelings for a dead girl, because well,
she’s dead and there’s nothing I can do
about that.

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I finally come up on my street and jog
the rest of the short walk to my house. I
open the door since it wasn’t locked, due
to forgetting earlier when we left the
house. I kick off my shoes at the door
and leave them sitting there. I head to
the kitchen for a glass of water and grab
a bag of chips while I’m at it. I take my
food to my room and get comfortable. I
switch on the TV and flip through the
channels before deciding on the History
Channel. Soon after I fall asleep to the
sound of the TV.

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I wake up the next morning to the sound
of rain hitting the roof in droplets. I roll
over on my side trying to find a comfy
position, but am surprised to be met
with Anna standing before my bed. I
jump back in pure shock and grab at my

“Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare
you.” Anna apologies, covering her
“It’s alright it just shocked me.” I laugh
off the little heart attack I just had and
get out of bed.

Last night
was…Amazing and I honestly can’t thank
you enough for helping me leave that
room.” Anna says as she sits down at the
table. I take a big bite of the food before
“It was really nothing, but I’m so glad
you enjoyed it. I had a really great time
too.” I continue to eat my food as Anna
repeatedly thanks me for helping her
leave the tower window.

“So tell me, do you work anywhere?” I’m
pretty sure I have already mentioned
this, but I go ahead and tell her again

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“I work at the cemetery behind the
house.” What I said seemed to spark
something inside of her. Anna’s eyes
bugged slightly before saying,
“Do you work today?” I nod my head
remembering I have to be outside in
about thirty minutes. ” Yes, I do.” I get
up to wash my plate off before putting it
in the dish washer along with the others
ones. I put some of the leftovers in the
fridge for later.

“Oh, well maybe sometime I could go
with you. I haven’t been back there in
“Do you know people that is buried in
there?” I ask, hoping I don’t trigger
“Yes, someone very special…” She trails
off. ” Well if you want to maybe you
could come later tonight when it’s dark.”
She nods her head before standing from
her seat and saying,
“That would be lovely.” After that Anna
leaves, going back upstairs and shutting
the door. I stay standing in the kitchen
leaning on the counter, still endlessly
thinking about her.

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