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It’s Monday night, exactly one day since I
saw the outline of Anna Sexton. I haven’t
tried going back to the room, I’m far too
frightened, as cowardly as that sounds
but I’ve never in my life heard
screaming quite like what was coming
from upstairs last night.

I’m sitting in the living room with
Charlie, he decided to come over. I don’t
really mind, he’s just on the weird side I
guess but I’m hoping he can tell me
more about this house and Anna.

“So, Charlie. How long have you been the
caretaker here at the Sexton House?” I
asked folding my hands in my lap.

“I’ve worked here for thirty-seven years.”

He answered.

I couldn’t believe someone would work
at a haunted house for this many years
without getting scared away.

“What made you want to work here?” I
“I needed work, plus it seemed easy
enough.” I nodded my head in

“And you, Harry? What made you want
to move into this old dusty house?” I had
to think on his question, I didn’t really
know the answer.

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“Well… It was all I could afford and it
seemed interesting.”

“Ah, I see.” It was silent after that.

My mind wondered on what I could ask
him next. There are so many things but I
just have no idea where to start.

“You seem to know a lot about Anna.”

I finally spoke up.

“Indeed I do.” Charlie answered sitting
up straighter in his chair.

“How is that? Besides the point of you
working here so long.” He looked like he
was in deep thought, like he was
debating whether or not to tell me
“Well, you see… I had an encounter with
Anna a few years back and she doesn’t
seem too fond of me.” He chuckled at the

“And why wouldn’t she be?” I asked
leaning forward in my navy blue chair.
“Anna doesn’t like anybody, she’s mad at
everyone. That’s why I warn people of
that tower window.”

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He seemed almost frightened to be
saying that in this house, knowing Anna
is right upstairs -which is still hard to

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“Has Anna ever been seen downstairs?” I
was scared to know the answer but I was
also dying to know.

“No.” I let out the breath I didn’t know I
was holding in, a wave of relief washed
over me.

“No. She has never been seen down here
on the main floor which is good but that
still kept the buyers away.” Charlie
continued on,
“This house has been on the market ever
since she died. Her parents moved out,
packing up and leaving as fast as they
could.” He spoke knowing the story
behind this house very well.

“Why did they leave so quickly? I know
she died here and all but they left
behind memories.” I wondered.

“I really don’t know, Harry.” After that
Charlie left saying he had to check on
some things over at the grave yard
which I still thought was crazy.

He was always over there but why? I
should have asked him that earlier.

I headed for the kitchen reading the
clock above the stove, it being 8:33pm.

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I really needed to start eating dinner
earlier than this.

I poured myself some milk and added
Coco pops since I was too lazy to fix
anything else. I ate thinking about how
my mother will be down here in two
days. Tomorrow I should probably dust a
bit so she won’t be so ill about the

Maybe if I cook her dinner she’ll be a bit
more happy, I just hope she doesn’t stay
a long time. I don’t think I could handle
her more than two or three days but
even that sounds too long.

I turned on the TV since the cable guys
came today and set up the TV for me.

I flipped through the channels stopping
once I landed on Food Net Work. They’re
cooking some kind of chicken b—-t
with a sweet and sour sauce to go over
the top. The dish looked wonderful.

I was so into the show that at first I
didn’t even hear the foot steps creaking
above me….

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