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After Jane and I left the park I drove her
back to my place where she bids me
goodbye. She said she had something to
do, so I didn’t question her.

I grab the left over groceries that Jane
said I could have since she just went
shopping for food. Just as I’m walking up
the front steps my foot gets caught on
the last step, causing myself and the
food to come tumbling down onto the
porch with a loud bang. Profanity was
shouted loud and clear for anyone near
could easily hear my words of anger. I
get back up after gathering the groceries
that had fallen out of the bag with my
little stumble I just had.

“Great, this is just great.” I mutter to my
self in callous tone of voice. The bottle of
coke had somehow busted and was now
all over my porch, leaving a sticky
residue. I take the bags inside where I
sit them down on the counter in the
kitchen. I head over to the closet, in
hope of finding a mop of some sort. After
finding one, along with a bucket I fill it
with soap and water.
I head back out towards the front and
onto the porch. I begin to mop away the
sticky mess that the coke had left. After a
few minutes of mopping the porch was
soda free.

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I head back inside and place the mop
back in the closet where it belongs. I put
away the groceries, (After wiping the
coke off of them.) I make my way
outside to the back yard where I see
Charlie resting in a lawn chair.
“Taking a break?” I amiably question.
“If you call sitting out here for a two
hour break, then yes, yes I am.” He grins
widely, which follows a raspy chuckle. I
shake my head at the old man before
pulling myself up a chair and joining

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“I saw you leave with Jane earlier. ” He
suddenly says.
“I did. We went for lunch at this cute
little park. ” I admit, remembering the
smell of fresh cut grass.
“She’s a lovely girl.” Charlie tells me,
while picking at his lawn chair.
“She really is. How do you know her
“Her older brother used to work with me
when she was younger.” He answers, as
he continues to pick at his chair.
“Oh, okay. What does he do now?” I fold
my hands together, as I wait for a reply.
“He died a couple years ago…” Charlie
trails off, looking out into the graveyard.
I’m taken back and surprised, Jane never
spoke of her brother passing.
“How did he die?” I know it’s none of my
business, but I would really like to know
if he’s willingly to tell me.

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“Car wreck… The engine caught fire, the
vehicle was in flames within seconds.”
My heart aches for her, I know that must
have been terrible.
I sit there and think how precious life
really is. You never know when you will
die. It could be today, tomorrow, five
years from now or even fifty years from
now. But nobody knows and that’s scary
because you never know when the last
time you will talk to someone will be.
You never know. Value them, because
they could be gone..

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