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Charlie’s mouth falls a gap at my words.
“Is everything alright? ” I ask taking a
step closer.

“Yeah, yeah. Just felt a bit light headed
there.” After that Charlie acts really odd
for the rest of the day, leaving me
wondering why the name “Max Williams”
would make him act so odd.

After putting away the wheelbarrow, I
head inside hoping to find something to
eat before heading to bed. Once in the
house, I go straight for the kitchen
where I search the fridge in hopes of
finding something editable. It’s not till I
start hearing thunder outside that I
wonder if Anna will make an appearance

I head over to the staircase, swiftly
making my way up them, before slowly
opening the door. Thankfully I had
brought a few candles with me, so
illuminating the room was fairly easy
after I successfully lit all four candles
without burning down the house. A
creaking noise sounds from the opposite
side of the room, startling me. I turn to
the sound of the creek, spotting a dark
figure standing in the corner of the
“What are you doing up here?” The
slender figure speaks.

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I step back a bit, making sure not to get
too close just in case I upset her.

” I was curious.” I admit, stepping closer.

“About what?” Her gentle voice speaks,
as she takes a step closer. My palms start
to sweat as I realize the things she could
do to me, but a small voice in the back
of my head tells me to trust her.

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“You.” I simply say. Her body emerges
from the dark shadows, creating a eerie,
yet captivating scene. Long dark strands
of hair fall over her flawless, porcelain
“And why is that?” She ask, almost
hesitant. “You intrigue me… I guess.”
The look on her face holds pure shock, as
she gazes at me.
“What is so intriguing about myself?”
“According to everybody in this town
you’re a ghost. If that isn’t intriguing,
then I don’t know what is. ” Her
eyebrows crease in thought, as I stand
waiting patiently for a reply.
“They’re right, Harry.” There’s a hint of
sadness in her voice, as she looks down
then over to the large window. It’s silent
for many minutes after that before I
decide to speak up.
“Do you know who Daniel Sexton is?”
Anna’s eyes snap to mine, before she
quickly looks away. “Is something
wrong?” I ask, keeping my distance.
“I think you should go, Harry.”

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“You know him don’t you?” Her eyes
find mine yet again, the sadness evident.

She looks like she is about to cry, before
the gloominess in her eyes turns to
“You need to leave. Now.” I step closer
saying, “It’s okay you can tell-”
“I said, now.” Her voice turns colder than
it was before, so I take that as my cue to
leave. I will deal with this later.

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I head downstairs and take a quick
shower before getting in bed and
grabbing one of the books that Jane had
recommended me to read at the library.

The first one I pick up is titled, “Secrets
Within The Sextons.” I flip to the first
page and begin to read, slowly finding
out the picture perfect family, wasn’t so
perfect after all.

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