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“Harry, is that you?” I hear a sweet voice
call. I turn around, looking for where it
came from. I spot a stunning blonde with
a black dress that’s tight around the
waist but flares out at the bottom; a dark
floppy hat is resting on her head of loose
curls that cascade down the front of her

“Jane, what are you doing here?” I
wonder as she makes her way to me.
“What do you think?” She motions
around the graveyard.
“Oh, that was a stupid question.” I admit,
looking down at my feet.
“It’s alright. What are you doing here?”
She ask, looking around the area. “Or is
that the obvious as well?” She giggles.
“No, actually I am working here.”
“Oh, really? I didn’t see you as the type
to work at a cemetery.” She tell me as
she makes her way closer to where I’m
“Me either, but I needed a job, so yeah.”
I start messing with my hands, not
seeming to be able to look Jane in the
eyes, I’m not sure why though.
“Whatever works.” She smiles. Her smile
is one to light up a room, it’s just so
warm and welcoming.

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“I still want to take you on a proper
date,” I blurt out. I really do, but I’m not
for sure if she feels the same why.
“I would love that, Harry.” The smile that
covers her face is one which I wish I
could get a camera and capture so I can
have it forever. She’s truly stunning, and
she’s got me wrapped around her finger.
“That is a relief, I thought you hated me.”
I laugh off the nervousness I had a few
minutes ago.
“Why would you think that? Our date
was lovely, I would do it all over again
just to experience the boxed wine.” Her
giggles fill the open area, and a few
looks are sent her way from laughing in
a graveyard, but she just shrugs them off.
“I honestly loved it, Harry.”
Just as I’m about speak, a man carrying a
drink tumbles over and spills his cup of
what looks like vodka all over the front
of Jane’s dress.

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“My dress…” I hear Jane say as she looks
down at the mess that has been made.
Thankfully, since her dress is black you
can’t really notice any stains, but you
can see the liquid dripping off of the
“I-I’m really s-sorry miss.” The man
stutters as he downs what is left of his
“Are you drinking vodka?” I ask with a
raise of my eyebrow.
“It’s w-water.”
“Doesn’t smell like water.” I say under
my breath. I grab Jane’s hand and lead
her through the backyard. More
displeased looks are sent our way as the
smell of the ‘water’ hits their noses. I
open the fence and take her onto the
back porch where I unlock the back

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“Who drinks at a funeral?” I mutter
under my breath. I lead her into my
bedroom and to the master bathroom.
“Don’t be upset, Harry.” Jane grabs my
forearm and starts to rub soothing
circles. I nod my head knowing I
shouldn’t be mad, but d–n she just
looked so good and then he had to come
along and mess her dress all up.
“Here, let me,” I say, grabbing a towel
and drying off the wet spots on her
dress. The smell is awful and I feel bad,
but I can’t do anything else about it.

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