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I stared at the young girl who’s name tag
read ‘Britney’.

“What do you mean ‘Anna doesn’t like
Britney just chuckled saying,
“You’ll find out soon enough.”
“But… Anna is dead?” I said it sounding
more like a question than a statement.
She just shook her head, lightly

“And how did she die?” She asked rising
her eyebrows knowing good and well the

“She got struck by lightning…” And then
I realized what she was implying, Anna
didn’t like storms because she died from

I quickly gathered my boxes and bags
heading for my truck before it started
raining too hard. The wind was blowing,
making the trees bend and creak and the
clouds come together in dark patches.

I hurry and speed down the crooked
narrow roads going over the speed limit.

I turn on Maple Grove then pull into my
driveway dreading going in but knowing
I couldn’t stay out here in the storm
either. I gather my few bags and boxes
and head for the door.

I unlock it and turn on the lights then
head straight for the kitchen. I put away
everything that needs to be in the fridge
and then put away the snack foods. Once
done I grab a bag of chips and some
water and head for my room which is,
for now, the hall across from the living

I jump on my bed getting my phone out
of my back pocket seeing a missed call
from my mother. I decide I better call
her back since I wasn’t being very nice
earlier. It rings two times before she
picks up,
“Harry! How is my big boy?” Wow, really

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“I’m good.” I blankly answered.

“I’ve missed my baby so much!”
I roll my eyes.

“I bet,”
“Haven’t you missed me?”
“Of course mother.” I said grabbing
another chip.

“How could I not.” I took a drink of my
water washing down the dry chips.

“Well, I can’t wait to see you again! I
already made plans to fly down and see
you on Friday.”

I sit up in bed saying,
“But it’s Sunday, Friday is in just a few
days.” I replied, not believing my mother
would be coming down this soon.
“Yes, Harold. It is.” Great, just great.
My mother will fly down and nag on me
how this house is too old and dusty and
then ask, ‘why did you buy this house
again? Isn’t it supposed to be haunted?’.
My mother continues to talk about Gods
knows what. Lightning strikes outside,
startling me. Thunder follows right after
but once the loud noise ceases a blood
curdling screams sounds from upstairs
followed by banging and the sound of

I freeze, dropping my phone in my lap.

I sit frozen on my bed not daring to move
a muscle. I can still hear my mother
talking away on the phone having no
idea what is happening on my end. I
pick the cased phone up speaking into it

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“I-I got to go… Bye.” I hung up waiting
patiently for the noise to start up again
but it didn’t.

The house was silent, only the sound of
rain hitting the roof could be heard.

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I slowly got up from my warm duvet that
covered my king sized bed. I made sure
to grab my phone before leaving the

I walked to the living room. Sitting by
the door was my old glove and bat. I
decided it would be wise to take some
kind of protection with me, I grab the
wooden handle picking it up and holding
it close to me. I stare at the red velvet
stairs asking myself if this is really a
good idea. It probably isn’t but I need to
find out what all that screaming was.

I make my way up the stairs, each step
creaking as weight is put onto it. My
hands are shaking as goose bumps form
on my skin, my mind is screaming at me
to run back down the stairs and call the
cops but something tells me I need to
keep going.

Just as I’m standing on the top step I see
a dark wooden door sits in front of me.

Lightning flashes outside and thunder
booms in the background. I reach for the
door handle, my heart beating out of my
chest and hands shaking so bad I can
barley keep them still enough to grab the
knob. I have no idea what will be hidden
behind this door.

Just as I reach for the door handle
there’s a knock on the front door.

It startles me, I run back down the stairs
skidding to a stop by the entrance.

I open it to be met with Charlie standing
out in the rain with a black coat and a
hood over his head. He looks rather
frightening as lightning flashes across
his face.

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“Harry, many trees have fallen, tearing
down the electrical lines. I came to see if
the lights are out.” He talked in a hushed
voice but still loud enough to hear over
the storm.

“They’re still on and working but you
really didn’t have to come out in this
storm.” I tell him looking up at the sky.

“Oh, no worries. I was already out.” He
told me.

I was shocked that he would be out in
this mess.

“Already out? There’s lightning for God’s

He just laughed it off saying,
“Don’t worry about me, I was just
checking out some things over at the
grave yard.” All I could think of was,
who in their right mind would want to
be in a cemetery at night in a storm like

“Well, since everything seems to be
alright over here I guess I’ll be going.”

“Okay, well… Be careful!” I yelled over
the storm as he walks down the steps.

“Oh, and Harry, I would keep that tower
window door locked if I was you.” He
said pointing up at the top of the house.

I walked out in the storm and off of the
porch to see what the old man was
gesturing to as my eyes land on the
window. My breath catches in my throat
at the sight there. In the body length
sized glass window stands the outline of
a young girl…

Anna Sexton.

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