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I hear a knock on the door but try to ignore
it. Unfortunately it just grows louder at each
passing second, so I drag myself, half-asleep,
out of bed and head towards the living room
where the banging is coming from.

“I’m coming!” I yell. It just gets louder,
causing a headache to appear. “Charlie,” I
mutter once I open the door and see that it’s
the old fart himself trying to break down
my door.
“Good, good, you’re awake.” he grins.
“What do you want?” I ask rather coldly.
He raises a brow before saying, “Looks like
someone woke up on the wrong side of the
bed.” I just glare at him, not in the mood for
his s–t.
“Did you want something or not?” I don’t
understand why he’s here this early, I’m
pretty sure I don’t have to work today.
“I just came by to tell you that the tower
window broke and it needs to be replaced.”
I step out on the porch and down the stairs,
not believing the stupid thing busted. I look
up towards the sky, the sun blinding me.

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“Of course,” I mutter as I spot the broken
glass, shattered.
“You might want to get that fixed or you’ll
have bats.”
I scratch the back of my neck before saying,
“Yeah I know.” I start to head inside, hoping
to get rid of the headache that has seem to
appear since Charlie’s door banging a few
minutes ago.
Once in the kitchen, I start a pot of coffee,
hoping to wake myself up a bit. I grab some
pain killers from the cabinet and I pop two
in my mouth as I hear the creaking of the
floor boards, followed by Madison wrapped
in her pink robe.

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“Good morning,” I greet. She smiles at me
before sitting down. I grab her a mug from
above the sink, filling it with coffee, and sit
it in front of her. “Did you sleep well?”

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“Fine, you?” I nod my head, sitting across
from her after filling my coffee up too.

“I have to go into work today,” I say, leaning
back in my chair.

“Oh.” I shift in my seat, feeling the
awkward tension slowly build up… soon I’ll
be able to cut it with a knife.

“I also have to run into town today to get a
window.” she slightly nods. “That one
upstairs broke.”

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