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I get in my car and start driving towards
town in hopes of finding the library before
it closes. I pass a few cars while driving
around town below the speed limit making
sure I don’t go past it.

After driving for about twenty minutes I
finally pull up to the building, turn off my
engine, get out of the truck, and head for
the entrance of the small yet tall brick
library. As soon as the door opens, I smell
dusty old books and see many shelves. I
walk towards the counter deciding it would
be best off just to ask if they have any books
on The Sexton House so I stride over to the
counter where piles of books are stacked

“Hello?”, I say looking over the novels that
block my view and seconds later a short,
blonde headed girl peeps through the crack.

“Oh hey, um I’m sorry for that..”, she says
grabbing the books and sitting them on the
ground, “..normally nobody comes in this
late”, she finally says once I can fully see
her. I check my watch to see that it’s only
five o’clock.

“Can I help you with anything?”, she smiles
at me and I forward the gesture saying,
“Yes, I’m looking for books on The Sexton
House or just on the Sextons”. As I’m
observing, she seems to have a petite body,
golden blonde hair that falls loosely off her
shoulders, and sea blue eyes that shine in
the dim lighting. She is stunning I must say.

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“We actually do, they have their own
section”, she says coming out from behind
the counter. Her outfit consists of a blue
knee length dress with simple flat footed
shoes. I follow her to the back of the
building to the far left hand corner. She
stops to scan the book shelf before reaching
up to grab a few books, but she’s sadly
about four inches too short for it. I come up
behind her, brushing my chest against her
back and reaching above her to grab the
books off the shelf.

“T-thank you”, she stutters while her cheeks
suddenly turn a light shade of red and
messes with a loose string on her dress. “Is
there anything else I can help you with?”,
the young woman sweetly asks. I look down
at the books in my hand before saying, “By
any chance do you know anything about
The Sextons?”, and I raise a brow.

“You bought the house didn’t you?”, she
looked almost hopeful that I asked and
something seemed to spark inside of her.

“Yes I did”, her smile widens before she
says, “I love that house”.

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She is the first person I have ever heard say
they ‘love’ The Sexton House, everyone
seems to be afraid of it,(which they should
be). “Really?”, I wonder. “Yes really, I used
to go there all the time”. Why would
anybody want to go there? And ALL the time
like it was a fun place or something?

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“Really? That’s…….cool”, I finally say taking
my books and setting them down on a table.

I motion for her to sit down as well, “Yeah I
know it’s kind of weird but honestly I love
that house”, she says and smiles shyly down
at the hardwood table.

“Why the liking for the house?”, I say
looking through the three books placed in
front of me. One is called ‘The Sextons
Before The Haunting’ with a picture of the
house which I’m guessing is a newer one.

“My older brother used to work there he
would always let me come and visit him..”, I
take in what she’s saying and make a guess
that Charlie had a helper back then. “….and
he would let me go in the tower window as
long as it wasn’t storming of course”. I’m
guessing this girl is fearless since she loved
going to this house where Anna haunted at.

“You’re crazy”, I laugh shaking my head at
her while she laughs along with me.

“I’ve heard that before”, she smiles and says,
“I’m Jane by the way”. She reaches to shake
my hand from across the table before letting
go, “I’m Harry”, I say.
We talk for probably two hours about the
house and just ourselves. I mainly did the
talking since she seemed a bit shy but
overall it was a nice little chat. I rent the
books for a week hoping I can get some
reading time in and learn more about the
Sextons hoping to find some information on
Daniel, like who he was.

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I’m heading home with the windows down
and music blasting when I hear my phone
ring. I pull it out of my pocket while turning
the volume down and rolling up the
windows before answering, “Hello”, I speak
through the phone.

“Harry! How’s my big boy doing?”, oh
wonderful it’s my mother.

“I’m good mom”, I say rolling my eyes.
well have you got rid of the rats
yet?”, she asks and I pause for a second.

Rats? I have rats? Oh yeah! My excuse…. I
laugh to myself before saying, “Yeah I did
but don’t worry”.

We talk till I arrive home and it’s her mostly
repeating how much she misses me but I
finally had to tell her I had to go before my
phone dies. Once that was finished, I jump
out of my truck and lock the doors behind
me. I jog up the steps and unlock the door
as soon as the door opened i see my best friend…

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