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The Seven Year B!tch (18+) – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 4]

The Seven Year B!tch (18+)

The Seven Year B!tch (18+)

by Cristiano Caffieri

Mark Spencer was separated and waiting for divorce proceeding to take place. In the meantime he’d been relegated to living in a small bachelor pad, going to work each morning with a bag of unappetising sandwiches and coming home at night to a frozen dinner. It was the shits.

In addition to everything else he’d been deprived of his conjugal benefits for about four months. He was feeling desperately horny all the time and getting to the point where he’d even considered employing the services of a prostitute. However, in the end he decided to start dating, again, and for several nights he browsed the internet dating sites. He was almost about to give up on this when he spotted someone he knew, and it wasn’t just anybody – it was his first love -Simone Kemple.

It was weird because, even though it had been seven years since they split up, he’d never forgotten her. She was the love of his life and he was heartbroken when she dumped him. They’d never slept together, nor even engaged in heavy petting. Simone seemed so pure he didn’t want to spoil that image and he was positive that one day they would marry and then there’d be lots of time for sex.

About a week after he saw that photo on the website he managed to make contact and arranged to meet her for dinner at a restaurant they frequented when they were going out together. The agency that ran the website gave each person who registered an assigned name to protect their privacy. She was called Rachel and he was given the label of George.

Mark considered he had a bit of an advantage because, although he recognized her picture, she didn’t seem to have recognised his. He thought it was because he didn’t have the silly beard he sported as a teenager and his hair, which once hung down to his shoulders, was now somewhat US Marine-like.

He was bubbling over with excitement as he left for his date because he remembered what a fantastic looking girl she was. All of his buddies thought he was a lucky son of a b*tch to be dating such a doll. She was pretty, had great tits, long slender legs and a wonderful smile. Of course they all thought he was f*cking her and after their break-up he often wished he have taken that step. Now it looked as though he might be given a second chance.

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