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THE RUNAWAY BRIDE – Season 1 – Episode 25 [Completed]


Tokunbo and his wife walked into his
parents’ house and could not but notice the silence and the tension in the house.

“Dad, I know it must be hard for you, but if you can just lets all talk about this. I don’t know any other father at this time of my life, neither am I interested in another father.

Mum, if you have anything to say, now is the right time”

“And you are always my son, even if the DNA says otherwise, who would be my son at this age, I leave all to God” he turned to his wife, who is sitting at the corner of the room far from everyone else.

“Sola, the man who raped Chinwe’s friend, do you know him?”

“Yes, I have met him once, when he was
about 17 years”

“Where does he live?”

“I don’t know, but his father is my brother’s friend, I could ask him where the father lives, we can ask him when I see him”

“Can you do that today?”

They waited as she placed a call to her
brother, who wanted to know if everything was fine. She asked him where they could find Ade and she listened and jotted some things down before thanking him and ending the call.

She passed the address note to Tokunbo, who looked at the paper and passed it to her father.

“Chinwe, arrange for your friend to come to Lagos tomorrow, we have to see this man, I promised her this”

When Chinwe called Clara, she said she would not be able to come and would prefer not to see him but gave her blessings for them to go ahead. she apologized non stop how her own
problem had come to exhume so many things they would have loved to remain buried.

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Chinwe agreed with her and relayed the
message to her father-in- law who asked them all to be around the following day to go and visit the man.

They ended up passing the night with her in-laws, trying as much as
possible to reduce the tension in the house.

When morning came, they set out in a single vehicle as they drove to the address they got from the night before.

They needed to ask some passersby before they were directed to a street that would pass for a ghetto. In the early hours of the morning, the streets were empty, but the stench of hemp, cigarette and alcohol permeates the air. As they arrived at the house that has the number they were looking for, they were surprised to see a police
vehicle parked in front of the house. Before they could even park their own car well, a couple of the uniformed men pulled out a young man from the house; he was struggling with them and was threatening at the top of his voice to have them dealt with if he happens to be free. His only clothing was a pair of shorts hanging loosely around his waist.

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The face looked exactly like Tokunbo’s no doubt, but the lips appear darker from years of smoking. The height is the same as Tokunbo’s too but he looks leaner with his skin looking stressed and slightly bleached, leaving his knuckles black. The tattoos on his Chest and arms too look like something done by an amateur; they would be covered totally if he was wearing a cloth though.

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As the pulled him and shoved him to the
ground, they all caught the face of the man and were all shocked at the sheer
resemblance between him and Tokunbo. Even Tokunbo could not believe his eyes, he drew his face closer to the window of the car as he watched him still struggling with the police, who within seconds pounced on him and his face started oozing blood form the nose, side
of his eyes and from the birthmark on his

An older version of the young man came out of the house, barely able to speak above the noise and screams from the young man now writhing in pain on the dirty street ground
“Baba, don’t worry. Sorry for this, but this man has been identified as one of the boys that robbed Alhaja’s house and raped one of her girls. We have been looking for him for days now and when we heard he came here to sleep today, we also decided to come this early to nab him. This is not his first time, all his gang members have been caught and they
all have cooperated. Come to Area F, you can come with a lawyer if you like. ”

They pulled him up not too gently and shoved him into the car and they drove off, with him shouting on top of his lungs “”ahhh, help o,

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“Turn the car around Tokunbo, I guess we already found who we are looking for, and with the look of things, nemesis caught up with him. Nothing can be hidden forever; time would unfold it, when the time is right”

Tola Ajayi served his wife the divorce papers some weeks later Joseph and Clara sent their wedding IVs.

Davies and his sister were able to convince
their parents that having an extra year in
school is not the worst thing that could
happen, he found a sweet lady in his class
and things looked good between them, he also had a repair section in Joe’s café and business is booming.

Mrs Babalola also filed a divorce against her husband on the charges of battering, at the court hearing, she revealed she lost a pregnancy due to a severe beating she had during the pregnancy, her doctor was there to testify.

Chief Babalola withdrew from running that
year, after the story of his wife got to the

Nkem opened a photo shop beside his sister’s office, they see every day and business was going slow but promising.

Chris might be getting married soon too; he brought a girl over for dinner over the

Chinwe might be pregnant but she kept
telling Tokunbo she just missed her period
because of stress and she might not be eating too much because her body wanted to shed some weight. Well, Dr. Kunbi would be seeing them tomorrow before work.

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