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THE RUNAWAY BRIDE – Season 1 – Episode 19

The couple remained cordial to each other.
On Wednesday before she woke up, he
already made some fresh juice for her, he
knocked when she did not come out on time and when she asked what he wanted, he said he was just checking on her to see if she was okay.

On Thursday, she decided to pick out the
attire for the Friday event especially when
she got a call from the lawyer, who said she would soon be called for an interview.

However, she would love if they could have it the following week.

She also called to inform Clara that she would be traveling on Saturday and a return flight would be booked for Sunday. She made a mental note to book the flight for her and Henry later in the day and send the code to him on time too.

The tension in the house has reduced and
they moved about their daily chores with
knowledge and respect for each other. She even received her brother in the house and Tokunbo played a good host. They played a couple of games, ate and watched a movie together before he returned home later in the day and to their respective rooms.

Chris also stopped by but did not stay long.

Davis’ call has also reduced as they have less to talk about now; all these within just a few days?


Tokunbo woke up and imagined how the day would go, the message they got from the lawyer said they should be ready to be picked up abound 11:30. He took a look at his phone to check the time and saw that it was some minutes past 6:00 am.

He stood up to have his bath because he
knew he would not be getting anymore sleep, after his bath, he checked the clothes he picked for the 2 events they would be having.

The interview and the dinner. The fear in his stomach is actually because of the guest they would be having the day after.

When the driver from her father- in-law
arrived to pick them up, Tokunbo was ready but needed to check with Chinwe if she was, so he could ask the driver to come in or not.

When he knocked on the door…
“I will be out soon!”

When she finally came out of the room, he
almost fell off his seat; she was clad in a
glimmering black dress, stopping some inches above her knees.

The gown fitted her perfectly and he wondered if he could keep his hands off her, especially her neck with her hair packed high up on her head in a soft

Chinwe almost dropped her bag when she saw Tokunbo staring at her with a look that she cannot describe. He looked immaculate in the white pla!d tuxedo and black t-shirt he has on with a pair blue jeans, he has another suit resting on the back of the chair he sat on and when he finally stood up, she almost told him
he is handsome and if she said it, she would have meant it.

They went outside together and took the back seat as the driver drove them off to the venue.

Tokunbo took out the list of question and
answer they got from the lawyer and he read through them, but he could swear he was not getting anything to his brain. The beauty queen seated beside him is taking all his concentration.

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When they arrived at the hotel and were led to the room where subjected to some experts patting on their faces, they did some magic with Chinwe’s hair and the result was simply splendid.

The interview they were told would
start about an hour later, Chinwe was not
surprised to see her mother and brother
there. They told them her father would be
arriving late, some minutes later after he
arrived, Tokunbo’s parents also arrived and the interview started.

The first session of the interviewed were just for Tokunbo and Chinwe and most of the questions were what they were prepared for, after that, the 4 parents were included and most of the questions were directed to her father, who answered them like an expert and
almost believably.

Nkem was also asked some questions as the brother of the kidnapped, after which pictures were taken; when the reporters finally left, night had come and they were led to a room where they could change and retire to when the party is over.

Tokunbo watched Chinwe excuse herself to the bathroom to change into the dress for the night and he waited patiently as she did, when she came out it was in a long wine dress with some stoned adorning the neckline. She took his breath away and could not pretend not to be looking, which she caught him in
“You look pretty amazing” he said softly

she said shyly as she moved to the dressing table to change her neck piece and earrings, Tokunbo’s eyes went to the back of her dress and noticed the zipper was not fully
up, so he walked to her and did the final
touch on the zipper and they both froze in the process; their eyes locked in the mirror.

A knock on the door shook them out of their reverie and Tokunbo quickly walked away from her as if he had been caught doing something wrong. He opened the door gently and allowed Nkem into the room, who was grinning slyly as if he wanted to crack a joke on his sister and he expected her to open the door.

“Sorry, I thought Chinwe would open the door”

“Come on in”

“Babe, you look wow” Nkem said dramatically

“Thanks, what am I seeing, you are looking good too”
Chinwe stood up and took a good look at her brother who was grinning like a don.

“Excuse me you two, I need to change too before we all go downstairs” Tokunbo excused
himself from the room and returned later to find them laughing as Nkem was taking her pictures.

“I like this suit too, it must be from the same designer as the one you wore earlier”
Nkem said to Tokunbo

“Thanks and yeah, the same designer”

“Why not stand beside her let me take a
picture of you 2 before we go downstairs”

“Don’t worry, we will get …”

“Bro, move!” Nkem commanded and was surprised to see Tokunbo standing beside his sister and he took several shots of them.

A thought occurred to him and the smile on his face alerted his sister who asked
“What evil are you planning?”
“Just oblige me, you hear, Bro. Toks, can you just hold her on the waist and rest your head on her head, yeah…, just like that, perfect”

“Wait” Chinwe was about to protest

“Just stand still, it’s just a picture, Chinwe”

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Tokunbo whispered into her ear as she tried to fidget away from his gently hold on her waist. Nkem took several pictures of them and when he finally told them to sit down, he showed them the pictures and Tokunbo was blown away by the beauty he captured.

“Nkem, these pictures are good, you should do this for money abeg”
“ahh, and let Senator disown me?”
“What do you mean?”
“He would not hear any of it when I told him I wanted to do industrial Design and major in photography; he told me he would buy me a professional camera if I graduate with at least a second class upper in Geophysics.

Look through, you would see some from your wedding before the reception when this Dundee ran away” that earned him a poke from his sister and a chuckle from Tokunbo,
who looked through the pictures and saw the sadness in her eyes for the first time.

After going through the pictures, he passed the phone to Nkem

“I need all those photos”

“You’ve got to pay for them, I was not your official photographer”

“We will discuss price later, send them first”

“Nah, I know better, do you know who my father is?, I learnt from him”

“So how much are you getting for them?”

“you are not really thinking of paying him, are you?” Chinwe asked in disbelief as she watched both of them.

“They are his and I must confess, he did a good job, so dude, how much for them all”

“I could get everything from him without a dime entering his pocket believe me” Chinwe said

“there are about 48 shots in all, that would be like 1k for each”
he said with a smirk o his face and chinwe rolled her eyes in a playful disgust as they bargained and agreed on a price; which Tokunbo transferred to him
before he started transferring the pictures to his phone.

“You need to brush up this photography thing, they are so nice”
“thanks, and as my first client, your nest
photo shoot would be on the house”
they all burst into laughter and the phone ring interrupted them

“hello, ok, right away”
Tokunbo answered the phone

“let’s go, that was your mum, they are
downstairs already for the party”

They all went down to the hall and when the door was opened for them, Tokunbo was shocked at the crowd. He turned to Chinwe and took her hands gingerly in his, expecting her to withdraw but was surprised when she held him back.

They both walked into the
room, with Nkem right behind them.

The MC was hilarious and kept directing
questions to the couple, the guest artists were there on the stage when her father introduced them to some of his cabinet members, who were happy at her safe return and blessed her marriage and said they would be around in the next 9 months to name another Ajayi-

Chinwe spotted her Parents-in-law and
walked to them to say hello, her father in law was quite chatty and when he left her with her mother in law Chinwe wanted to escape

“I am glad you both are getting over your differences, but if there’s any way I can be of help, don’t hesitate to call me, you hear?”
She said before another socialite claimed her attention again, Chinwe found Tokunbo staring at her from the corner of the room
and she tried to quickly walk away, but she saw him walking towards her instead.

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“Are you enjoying yourself?”
But before she could answer, Nkem took a
picture of them, and Chinwe could imagine
what they would look like in the picture, with Tokunbo leaning close to her to ask her the question.

“You moron, get out of here”
“Leave the man, he is just doing his work,
remember chap, it would be free this time, so take as much as you like”

“Thanks jare, it’s a relief to finally get
someone who finally believes in my dream”

“Oh God” Chinwe shook her head at them as she took another glass of wine from the waiter walking past them.

“I don’t want to believe you are a heavy drinker, I lost count of the number of glasses I’ve seen you take since we joined the party”

“Are you scared I might embarrass us here, don’t worry, I am a pro”

“Just be careful”

“I always am”

“Now ladies and gentle men, I would like to invite to the dance floor, the most important people of tonight’s gathering, they are the reason we are having this gathering tonight.

Call it another reception, after the almighty God orchestrated the return of our dear sister from the hands of the fools that interrupted her wedding reception, give it up to Mr. and Mrs. Ajayi”the Mc got the attention of
everyone and before long the whole guests in attendance made way for them as the cool music took the room and she found herself dancing to the beautiful rendition from the band.

Everything felt so perfect as Tokunbo swirled her gently on the ground floor and they moved as one, camera flashes could be seen from different angles of the room and Tokunbo couldn’t care less if the whole world was watching them now, all that matters most to him is in his arms now, and everything is perfect.

Tomorrow would surely bring the fear
again, but he would cherish this moment

Chinwe could not believe she felt so at home in his arms and it felt as if the whole
problems of the world could go to hell. This man holding her is doing it so right and tomorrow will just have to wait, it has to, tonight is for them.

Nkem watched both of them on the dance
floor through the screen of the phone he is using to cover the whole dance and he could not but smile and conclude, they look like love birds.


After saying their thanks and shaking hands, they went back to their room and Tokunbo decided what he has to do, if he has to beg her to forgive him for whatever it is she believed he had done, then he had to, he was definitely not going to lose her.

He walked back to the bed where she sat,
trying to get her earring out of her ear but instead of saying what he wanted to say, he bent down and helped her to free the ring from her ear lobe and that was where they lost it.

Not knowing who made the first move, they both got into it. They were in each other arms doing what married couples do and what should have been done weeks ago

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