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The Rescue – Season 1 Episode 5 [Completed]

Episode 5:



I lost all control and just pounded into her. Her cunt was soaking and that reduced the friction I needed to cum quickly. She came and that made me angry in a way. I was working hard, sweating, driving into her and was having trouble cuming. Harder, then harder, I thrust. Her thighs splayed wider; her hips opened her body for me; I went deeper than ever before; the tip of my cock pressed into her cervix. That pain drove her higher. Her first climax on my cock had not ended but she swirled higher and began her second. Her body was young, strong and demanding. Only my ego kept me driving to satisfy her.


Vaguely I knew her fingernails had pierced the skin on my back. That released me to use her, take her and go for only my pleasure. I heard our bellies slap together. She was as sweaty as me. My balls tickled as her wetness ran from her, across my sack and dripped onto the bed. Those streams drew my balls tight and my mind went inside her. My cock searched, then found the dimple of her cervix and I roared like a lion. My body arched and all my weight pressed into her cunt to hold my cock perfectly for the first two deliveries of my cum to bathe that beautiful opening to her inner womb. I began to trust again through my less impressive pulses. My cock wanted to stir my offering.


My mind might never have come back to reality, except my lovely cried out under me, whimpered and then totally relaxed. She did not appreciate my last half dozen thrusts or my efforts to pour my life out of my cock into her belly.


Vaguely I remember trying to shift so my weight did not crush her but then, still buried deep, I too fell asleep. It was hours before we both awoke. One of us had pulled the comforter over our chilled, damp bodies.


About dawn, Anne rolled on top of me and slipped my morning wood into her lovely body. She did not want to cum. She was too sore. I did not want to cum; I had to pee. What we both needed was to be close. Tears rolled down her cheeks, so I idally talked.


“Last night, Anne, you were the best lover that any man could ever hope for. Seeing you every day has brightened my life. You are fun and a good partner. Your body drives me mad and makes me think I am a teenager again. I am falling in love with you.”


A cold chill went through my body when those last words spilled out. My last two ladies had hated it when I used the “L” word. I hated that I was so much older than Anne. I did not want my words to make her feel beholding to me. For most of my life, I have dreamed of finding a woman who wanted to be with me as much as I wanted to be with her. This May/December match had little chance, yet, I did not feel old and unacceptable. I just feared that she felt that way.


Her touch was magic and she worked her body on mine so my cock raked across her clit as it slid to its hilt in her. Her warmth and softness, easily stole my negative thoughts. We did not actually make love or fuck. She masturbated on my cock. When she finished; she kept going, using her pussy to give the best “hand job” until my cock danced in her belly and came.


In the bathroom, at first, Anne was embarrassed to pee with me in the room. However, after she relieved herself rather noisily, she was very playful and grasped my cock, announcing that she wanted to hold it while I went. I have never enjoyed washing a woman more than I did washing her that morning. My hands tingled and my cock wanted to get hard. My taste buds wanted her the most but I knew that I could get lost in her that way.

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