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The Rescue – Season 1 Episode 4

Episode 4:



Four inches of cock slid over her clit and the purple head teased across the magic spot inside her. She inhaled and I filled her lungs with my breath. She whimpered and I sucked her breath away. Her body trembled and another inch of me slid along her exposed slippery button.


“Pull back my beauty. Then let me go as deep into you as you body will let me.”


Anne did not hear me but her body did. This thrust would stretch her as much as I could. Her body would be tested. I felt her lift and use my cock along the path that she had shown it before. Her hands were in my hair as the stretching began. Her hands pulled at my hair and her body sat suspended around the fattest part of my shaft. Her words were from heaven and filled with total beauty, “Help me. I want it all.”


I wrapped my arms under hers and put my hands on her shoulders. I felt her legs tighten to resist. I pulled her down and waited for her to quit fighting. She whispered, “Oh my God,” in my ear, bit my neck and let me pull myself into her body. I did not want to drive into her cervix and hurt her. She began to tremble all over and the slide into her body was too much for me. “I’m going to cum in you.”


Instinctively, she thrust and kept thrusting. My cock lurched and my body lay back onto the bed and arched. For the rest of my life I will remember the magnificent cry of pleasure that rushed from her when her fingers squeezed the skin on my chest to keep herself upright. She went from one climax into another more demanding one. My cock was pulsing ropes of cum into her and after each pulse her belly seemed to suck me harder.


Anne was holding her breath. Her face and neck were contorted. Her body was cramping and still trembling. She could not stop but was beyond her limits. I was ready when her last breath and life escaped from her body for a few minutes. She collapsed into my arms. My cock was still trying to pump into her but had long since run out of cum.


I rolled my beauty over so I could look down at her peaceful sleep. Her arms flopped out to her sides. My cock was not softening and her pussy still pulled at it. If her insides were any hotter they would have scalded my cock. If they were any tighter, I would not have been able to pull out and thrust back into her. I wanted to taste her but I wanted her to wake up and feel me fuck her, feel her body open to me, feel how she could control me by absorbing the power of my strongest thrusts to take my pleasure in her body.


Watching her breasts and thick nipples rise toward me and thing sink back was a magical sight. Her faint breaths were like naughty whispers. Looking down at her perfectly unblemished skin, welcoming belly and hair trimmed, got my cock so hard, it hurt. I pushed it gently in and out of her, in time with her breaths, just to sooth my pain. Slowly my compassion slipped away, as my mind filled with thoughts of wildly taking her, thrusting into her and filling her belly. I wanted to take her, hard and fast.


Her beautiful, dark eyes batted open and a faint, almost satisfied, smile shaped her lips. All the beauty stole my animal passion for a few moments. Her body shifted to the right so it could take my slow thrusts deeper. Her hips tipped so my cock would rake across her clit. This was a very sexual passionate woman under me. Her body knew what to do and it was her first time.


My body began to tremble, struggling for control to keep my thrust long, slow and considerate. Somehow, my new lover knew, “I want to feel your weight. Take me harder.”


Her permission drove my lust to great heights but it also made me want her to fly with me. My strokes were long, molesting her clit and some jolted her entire body as my hips crashed into hers, bouncing both of us on the bed. Twice I slowed when her body tensed. The second time, her nails dug into the skin on my back to signal her frustration and tell me that she would do even more damage, if I kept her from her climax again.


Anne breathed through her mouth. Her eyes rolled back. Her shoulders and feet strained to lift her hips and me. I tried to keep the same pace. Every long, slow thrust was driving me toward madness. I had never heard a harsh or curse word from her. Her chest was tight and the tendons in her neck stood proud when two strained words escaped, “Fuck me.”

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