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The Rescue – Season 1 Episode 3

Episode 3:



I teased her a little on the hour drive home before I got serious. “I hope you’ll model the items you purchased at “Victoria’s Secret” for me.”


She blushed. I don’t think she knew that I had seen her shopping there. She needed everything. Considering that, the eleven hundred dollar total was not bad. Luckily she liked Ross’s. She was worried that I would comment about how much she had spent.


“Do you know how to drive?”


“I don’t have a license. I tried a couple of times. I think I could learn.”


“I know you can. I have an older Subaru in the second barn. If you can learn to drive it, you can have it.”


She was shocked.


“Are you a citizen of the U.S. and do you have a social security card?”


“I’m a citizen and have a card. However, I’m not supposed to use my family name.”


“We’ll get you driving and settled; then we’ll get an attorney to do an official name change for you.”


That night was quiet. We both were tired. Anne snuggled against me closer than she had ever done before. I chalked that off to wanting to feel safe. She did not try to keep her legs covered under her robe as much as usual. She did not react when she caught me looking at any exposed skin.


The next day, she worked hard with me in the orchard. She was exhausted and her feet were tired from being in new shoes. I had her take a long soaking bath while I cooked for her. Later on the sofa, she sat on one end; I sat on the other and massaged her feet, ankles and calves. I kept one foot warm nestled into my crotch and half-hard cock while I worked on the other. She dozed. The nightly news was boring as usual. Each time I moved or changed where I was touching, one eye slitted open to see what I was up to.


Another week passed along with her period. We were settling into a routine. She only wore panties and one of my long t-shirts in the mornings, until I saw her, then she would race to get her robe. She had not said anything about her plans – except for setting a date to take her driving test. We were cleaning up after dinner when she accidently turned into me. Her body froze. She could see that I was struggling not to take her into my arms and kiss her. My mind swirled with “You are three times her age,” “Don’t betray her trust,” “She sees you like a father.” It was a struggle but I turned away and did not look at her. I did not want to see that I had frightened or repulsed her.


Usually, she went to bathe first. I was just settling down when she came to me, “My wrists are sore tonight. Will you come bathe me?”


No male mind had ever gone more blank; I mutely let her urge me out of my recliner and guide me into the bathroom. My cock was twisted in my jeans but it pointed out all her assets and noticed that she did not have her clothing laid out for after the bath. She was the inexperienced one, but my hands trembled as I got the water temperature set in the shower and began to help her undress. When she was totally nude, instead of stepping into the shower, she hugged me, pulled my face to hers and kissed me. Her fingers were opening my shirt.


Our second kiss was better. She liked to suck my tongue and liked my hands on her breasts even more. I reached for my belt. She pushed them away and learned to remove my pants. My mind had no ability. She spread her legs for me and said, “I shaved it like you like it.”


Now, I understood, she was giving herself to me. I knew what to do. I would be good for her but my thoughts were already betraying my enjoyment. “Does she feel she owes me and is that why she is giving me her body?”


It had been too long. My lust and need for release, silenced my concerns. She came easily with my finger thrusting into her while she sucked my tongue. In the shower, she came for a man the second time in her life just minutes later when I lifted one of her perfect legs so her foot was on the side of the tub and I knelt down and l licked the wetness from her. Her hips tilted to guide me. Her pleasure was too great to wait. She grabbed both sides of my head and held it so my tongue and lips stayed timed with the finger that rubbed her g-spot. Her cry echoed off the bathroom walls and I supported most of her weight on my lips and finger. She was weak and still trembling when I turned off the water, picked her up and carried her to my bed. We were both wet. She was ready but apprehensive. Then she was puzzled when I pulled her on top of me.


“For this first time, guide me into your body and use my cock to bring you the most pleasure. Give me the gift of watching your beauty.”


I think she looked at my cock for the first time when her fingers reached around it. I knew her thoughts. “I will not hurt you. Go slow so your body adjusts and feels only pleasure.”


Anne worked the head of my cock in between the wet slippery folds of her small pussy. I felt her hips push and my helmet stretch into her. She was feeling the first cock she had ever known throb just inside her. Her hand squeezed to feel its blood pulse in her hand also.


Lightly, I rubbed my palms over her rigid nipples. I did not want to distract her from the new feelings in her belly. When there was no pain she pushed again and was stretched by another inch of cock opening the path to her womb. She did not move, so I sat up to kiss her. My movement forced another inch of my shaft into her. She moaned into my mouth as my cock raked over her clit for that short slide. Her body learned and instantly pushed down. It had a new lesson. As my cock slid along her clit, my helmet pressed into her g-spot. This had to be repeated. She lifted almost off me and let her weight down again.

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