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The Rescue – Season 1 Episode 2

Episode 2:



After two tries, I got John on the telephone and told him the gory details. He did not ask any questions about Anne. He thanked me twice for not embarrassing his uncle. I started to react in my western way when his last words, sealed my lips, “Please, honor my uncle by telling her not to use the family name in her life. It is best she does not return.” I was stunned and quiet. The telephone clicked as he hung up.


I thought a lot that night. Anne had finished breakfast by ten in the morning. I presented her with the first of several shocks for her day, “If you are not going to see a doctor, you should let me examine you between your legs to make sure there is no damage that could set up an infection.”


The shock on her face was difficult to observe. She was complacent because of her feelings of being totally degraded. She lay back on to the bed and opened her legs. Her eyes were closed, tears rolled down and her head was turned as far to one side as it would go. I tried to make light of the situation, “Consider me as your country doctor making a house call. Now, open and say, “Ahh.”


Anne almost laughed. Her ribs hurt and she wrapped her arms around them. That gave me time to open her and look. Her hymen had been a significant barrier. The rips were substantial through thick tissues but I could not see any deeper damage even using an old speculum that I still had from a night of kinky play. I even stretched the hood away from her clit to examine that. The overall view was magnificent. The scent from her made my head swim, my mouth water and my dick harden. I had used some lube but she was adding to it.


My reply started out serious but my true nature crept back into my words, “The attack you endured must have been very painful. I can see where your hymen has been torn away. I don’t see any other damage. I’m sure you are sore but in a couple of days, physically you will be fine. By the way, I like the way you have trimmed your pussy’s hair. She is beautiful.”


I had not thought about doing anything. My body just automatically responded. My fingers traced up through her crease, rubbed lightly on her clit and my lips kissed it lightly. My tongue licked even more gently to say that the inspection was over. Her entire body arched. A little tremble went through her just when a soft moan escaped her lips. As I stood up, her eyes flew open and sparkled in shocked, excitement.


I was as shocked as she was. I sincerely apologized, “I’m sorry Anne. I should not have done that. I was not mentally ready. My body just responded to your beauty. You have no reason to fear me. If your hands are too sprained, I will help you with your hygiene, body function cleaning and baths until they are better. Nothing like that will happen again.”


She was quiet and I rushed from the room to clean my implements and hide both my embarrassment and excitement.


At lunch, Anne, helped set the table and put together her own salad from all that I had sat out. She commented, “You have so many things to put into the salad.”


“I do not know what you like to eat. I was providing options. You are welcomed to stay here while you recover and decide what you are going to do. I’ll have to learn all the rights and wrongs related to your culture and diet.”


As if a light bulb lit in her mind, she ignored my words and asked, “What did John say when you called him?”


There was sadness in my voice, “He said he would tell your uncle; that you should not use the family name in your future life and that it would be best if you did not return.”


She was hurt to the core but her eyes were cold, hard and determined. My answer had just confirmed what she had expected. I knew the feeling so very well. I knew she had hoped that she would be wrong and that someone loved her enough to reach out and say they cared. She did not want me to see her hurt. She stood to walk away from the table. I stood too but I pulled her to me and held her for a good five minutes.


“Sit back down and tell me what you like on your salad and what you hate. What you like to eat and what offends your pallet. You and I had better talk about food or you’ll be cooking something I hate and I’ll be buying things you hate.”


That evening I got her to tell me the names of all of those involved in violating her. She knew I was going to do something but she did not fight me. In a couple of days, she asked what I had done. The harshness of my actions surprised her. “I did not identify myself. I called each of their parents and told them what their offspring had done. I told them that I would be watching. Starting next week, if I saw any of their offspring again I would do everything I could to notify their kids’ employers, colleges, friends, churches and future spouses and tell them every detail about what they had been involved in. I reminded each parent that what happened was a bigoted hate crime and that their children obviously learned that at home – a fact that I would always remember to add to every conversation.”


For the next few of days, I was gone when she got up but I was back and forth enough to help her. I touched every inch of her when I washed her. She knew some of my touches were not necessary. We talked long into each night. I learned about her hopes and dreams. She learned about mine and some of my great disappointments and failings with the opposite sex. We learned to laugh together and were beginning to tease. I was disappointed when I saw that she did not have on the wrist braces, three evenings later. She had cleaned the house some and cooked a fine meal. I returned the cooking favor the next night. Both nights we bathed ourselves and talked and talked. She had been with me for ten days. She had been wearing what clothes she found in the closets.


“Saturday, let me drive you to Redding. We’ll go to the mall and shop. You need to get some clothing that suits you better. You are way to pretty to wear things that almost fit and are too old for you.”


She lit up. My cynical mind said, “Oh God, another world class shopper.” But I liked to see her happy and having something to look forward to.


Anne had never been so free to shop and purchase what she wanted. The sales people were all friendly and helpful. Only once did I offer a suggestion, “I love all that you are choosing. You will be beautiful in everything. Most of the time, we do work on a dusty farm. You might want some jeans and work clothes.”


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