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The Repentant Virgin – Season 1 – Episode 9

That move killed every atom of resistance within me.

All that was on my mind was that today I was going to be disvirgined, I would
finally enter Babylon after several years of laying siege to the city.

Then she kissed me. I ate her lips as if I was hungry and i hadn’t eaten for days. i was hungry, hungry for S£x.

Every intimate feeling that had been dormant in me suddenly awoke and started
manifesting. As we kissed, she was caressing my body. My hands strayed to her bum and started kneading and fumbling. I used my
two hands to shift her skirt up. Then my right hand started rubbing her laps. Her hands were roaming all over my body, even as we
kissed. I broke this kiss for a moment to remove my singlet and her top. The sight of her topless chest sent intimate shivers down
my spine. I found myself staring at two huge, round, ripe oranges with taut unmentionables pointing at me invitingly.

The b0s0ms were big, I didn’t hesitate to set my mouth on those unmentionables.

I sU-Cked, licked,bit, flicked, rubbed, caressed,
fondled, and juggled those b0s0ms, there was nothing I didn’t do to them. Then, while still busy with my mouth, my hands strayed
under her skirt, up her thighs. I slipped my right hand through her [email protected] and felt her Unclad bum. At this time she was m0an!ng,
making low, soft sounds of pleasure. She started rolling her bum on my laps so as to stimulate my stiff instrument.

After fondling her bum for a while, I slipped a finger inside the kitty.

I first felt the cl!t, I rubbed gently on it, then roll it in between two fingers.

Then I dept the finger inside the kitty. The interior was soft, warm and wet. By now Sanda was m0an!ng loudly, obviously enjoying
what I was doing to her. In my mind I wanted to bleep her so much she would never forget me in her life. But I wanted her to
beg for it and then I would pound her till her kitty gets sore.

I started manipulation her, first with my index finger while sU-Cking her unmentionables. She was m0an!ng terribly

“Uh, hah, baby. Please I need more.” she m0aned into my ears.

I inserted another finger and continued manipulation. Her p—-33y
was now very wet yet she wanted more. I inserted two more fingers and dug in.

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She screamed in ecstasy as she came and my
hand was bathed in her come. I brought out my hand and wiped her wet come on her chest. She was in a desperate mood now.

She looked at me with surprise, as if she was shocked I could make love this good. She quickly slipped off my laps which were
already getting painful now. Before I knew it, she pulled off my trousers, knelt down before me and had my Jman in her hands.

She started stroking the ramrod stiff instrument, lingering around the cap to concentrate s£nsat!ons. Then she plunged it into her
mouth, nearly taking me in completely(I have an average d—k, not a goliath).

Oh my God, the feeling was s£nsat!onal.
Audience this was my first BJ and I had no idea how sweet it was until I felt my
equipment being licked and sU-Cked by this vixen. It was as if all the pleasures in this world had concentrated on my d—k as she
sU-Cked and rolled her tongue on the cap. I must confess she is really good.

It was so sweet that I came in her mouth.

She wasn’t offended, she quickly spat the precipitate out into a nearby bucket
but part of it was still hanging on her face.

Seeing that come all
over her face made me more Hot.

“Ayo, Please I want you inside me now.” she pleaded.

She was sexually high. I thought in my mind “Not yet baby, am still gonna
do things to you that will make you beg more.”

I carried her and dumped her on the bed. I deftly removed her pant and hitched up her skirt, bringing me face to face with her
pulsating, wet, deep kitty. I moved closer, preparing to plunge my face into that kitty and sU-Ck the living daylight out of the b—h.

My eyes caught the window as I moved closer and I saw somebody at the window looking at me.

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Readers, can you guess who it was?
“Awo!” I screamed as I saw him.

The pervert must have been watching us for quite sometime because there was a satisfied grin on his face and it seemed he
had been self-servicing as he watched life blue film. He was supposed to be out of town but i knew he would forever thank God
for whatever had brought him back to school ahead of schedule to see what he had always dreamt of as he once told me; a live
session of steamy hot S£x. Well, I wasn’t going to fulfill the pervert’s fantasies.

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Frowning at the intrusion, I moved to the window to pull the curtain to block his view and continue with Sandra.

As i moved closer I saw him look at something outside and then the grin on his face faded and he looked grim. He spoke before I could pull the
curtain and I could only make out one word that struck terror into my heart.

I looed at Titi’s face and all the passion in my body dissolved instantly.

“What’s happening?” she asked.

“Titi is coming”
we hurriedly struggled into our clothes. she wore her top and I wore my boxers and my trousers just as we heard approaching footsteps. I hear Titi’s voice as she exchanged greetings with Awo outside. Sandra rushed under the bed. I quickly smoothed the bed
and went to open the door. I found a pensive Titi by the door.

Both Titi and Awo entered.

“What were you doing in the room that you locked the door?”

“I was playing rough with Awo.” I said. I quickly signed to Awo,
who nodded when Titi gave him a questioning look. She went to my bed and sat down.

“So why did you come back so early?”
I was trying to divert her attention from the suspicion as she was
already looking around the room with a questioning look. She said
she didn’t see one of her uncles that she was supposed to spend the night in his house and so she had to return early. Then she
asked why the bed was so rough and i said it was when I was playing rough with Awo. She looked at him and he nodded
again.She said she had been calling me to tell me she was around and I have not been picking. I saw 15 missed calls on my phone.

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She seemed calm now but there was still a curious look in her eyes. I knew she must have been wondering what why something
just doesn’t seem right.

Then something really bad happened
She spotted Sandra’s pant on the floor and picked it up.

“Whose pant is this?”
I stammered initially, then I said it belonged to one of Arsenal’s girls. she examined the pant closely and said she knows it belongs to her room mate, Sandra. I denied it initially but she said she could recognize that pant anywhere because Sandra liked it very much. She turned to me, her face grim.

“Tell me what Sandra’s pant is doing in your room.”

I had no choice but to confess to her. The lid is up. Sandra came out from under the bed. I couldn’t even look at Titi’s face. I felt so
ashamed of myself. Sandra didn’t really care.

I saw Titi’s face screwed up and I knew she wanted to cry. Then she dashed out of
the room. Sandra did not even speak to me, she left silently.

I was surprised that she seemed not to feel guilty at what she had done.

Awo followed her. then I was left alone in my misery.

The following day, I called Jumoke(Miss campus) to help me beg Titi.

If she would listen to anybody it would be her. But i knew in my heart it was an abortive attempt. things would never remain
the same. When I finally saw Titi on the third day, I begged her as she cried.

She said she had given me everything she had
including her whole heart except her body and I had betrayed her by shattering her heart. Then I got the information that broke my
heart. Sandra actually s£duced me deliberately so as to get back at Titi for abusing her one night. She had come back late with an
aristo dropping her off and Titi had abused her that she was a useless girl. Well, she planned to show her how useless she was
by seducing and bleeping her boyfriend. How could a girl be so heartless?

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