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The Repentant Virgin – Season 1 – Episode 7

In the middle of the semester,I went to one of the biggest events on campus, the miss campus. I ended up getting introduced by
gentle to the queen and her friend. Like I said earlier, gentle was familiar with most of the big girls on campus. In fact the girl that
won the miss campus was his former girlfriend. I don’t need to describe Jumoke, the beauty queen, you should know how a
beauty queen would look. Doyin her friend was also a beauty.

She was tall, fair and slim. Both the queen and his friend were warm personalities. I started discussing with the girls because they
were novel freaks like me. I ended up-getting an appointment to their apartment off campus the following day.

I showed up at the apartment the following day. I found six girls in the sitting room, including Jumoke and Doyin. She explained that
they were all friends and they went everywhere together.

They were all beautiful. I was introduced to the remaining four girls;
Titi, Tracy, Sandra and patience. Tracy was dating one of the biggest guys on campus while patience later told me she wanted
to become a reverend sister. what a weird girl. Jumoke, Tracy,
Doyin and Patience were living in the apartment while Titi and Sandra lived together on campus.
anyway, the whole preamble above is just to reach the point where we meet the two characters that this episode is really all about;
Titi and Sandra.

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The moment I met Titi, I knew something special was going to happen between us. Reader, you know every guy dreams of meeting that special girl that will make the man in him come alive,
one that will move his heart, and not just his prick, one that will make him smile and speak with his mind and not just his mouth.

Well, for me Titi was that girl. She was extraordinarily beautiful.
she was of average height, fair-skinned and cute. She had a slim body with tiny waist, that is my favorite. She had this innocent smile on her face that got me hypnotized and she had dimples. I
didn’t hesitate to shake hands with her. I instantly commented on
how beautiful she is and she smiled. she seemed to me to be somehow soft-spoken. I was attracted to this girl, not just her
body, but also her personality.

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Sandra was Titi’s opposite. Although equally beautiful, she attracted me in a dangerous, sensuous way. She was voluptuously Sekxy with wide, smooth curves all over her body.
She had all the assets in the right places; big Bottom, heavy b0s0ms etc. But I wasn’t interested in any of it. my mind was
focused on her friend as I shook hands with her. She was reported to be a big aristo girl on campus with loads of cash and she was
kind of snobbish. She wasn’t snobbish to me, but she had this cold, wickedly sensuous smile that I was sure was calculated to
make me fall for her charms.

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Enough of description of those two. The day went well and I had an interesting time with the girls. We chatted and played games and
they all tried to know more about me. they all liked me cos they said i had a warm, lively personality and I was intellectual. I went
back that day dreaming about Titi. I became friends with the girls.

They used to move together, they were all from the same department. They go to class together. they even read together.

I used to visit them at the apartment and also visit Titi’s room on campus. It soon became clear to Sandra that I didn’t like her and
she reciprocated. She shunned and dissed me at every opportunity. I soon made my mind known to Titi that I loved her from the first day I met her. She said she felt the same way about me and we started dating. But she said from the beginning that one condition; there would be no S£x because she was a virgin.

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I didn’t mind initially, I was in love with her.

Readers, remember this was my first serious relationship; Titi was my first girlfriend, so i was desperate to make it work.

Even though I was intensely excited by her, I had to control myself.

On several occasions we got to different stages of per-intimacy but didn’t do the real thing. We could kiss and smooch, i could even fumble with her b0s0ms but she never allowed me to take the
ultimate prize. Perhaps she thought her method would keep me wanting her and thus keep the relationship. She thought I would
be faithful and not even look at another girl. Well, her best friend would soon prove her wrong.

One day, I was with Titi in her room as usual when Sandra walked in.

As usual, we didn’t greet. She went straight to her corner and ignored us. I was playing with my girlfriend. Then we became
hungry and she wanted to cook. She realized that she didn’t have enough ingredients, so she left me and went out to buy some.

Before she left, she told Sandra jokingly that she should take care of me.

Well, Sandra took care of me, but in a way that broke her best friend’s heart.

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