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The Repentant Virgin – Season 1 – Episode 6

I soon moved on with life.

In my second year, first semester, I was already getting familiar with how to handle women, but i was still sexually in-experienced. My teachers were to be my roommates.

I had the most unique three roommates. The first guy, Shola, who was
nicknamed Awo because of his trademark glasses was an x-rated
movie freak. He had in his possession, the largest, most elaborate collection of Indecency films on campus. People from far and
near consulted him for blue films. He didn’t just have them, his knowledge about the adult industry is so vast he knew everything
going on, the who is who in the industry. He even had connection with some adult movie stars. He introduced me to indecency.

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The first time I watched indecency, I thought it was disgusting so much I wanted to puke, especially at the scene of girls swallowing
precipitate. But I soon got used to it. I realized it was the easiest way of knowing the female intimate anatomy and understanding
how S£x works. It was a tradition in our room that every Friday night was x-rated night. Awo’s inner circle of x-rated freaks
would converge in our room to watch blue film all night long.

My second roommate was Tolu, nicknamed gentle because of his smooth swagger.

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Gentle wasn’t actually gentle, especially when
there was an event to attend. He was a party freak. No event on campus was complete without gentle gracing the occasion. He
introduced me to parties and clubbing. His fast paced lifestyle made him acquainted with many beautiful girls whom he introduced to friends in his inner circle. Nobody makes use of this
opportunity more than my third roommate, Femi who was nicknamed Arsenal because he plays his game smoothly.

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Femi was a player and a S£x freak. At the beginning of the semester, he
used to bring this girl into the room and slam her in the corner so much the girl would be screaming ‘Yeh, Yeh. O ti do mi pa oh’ meaning he has [email protected] me.

We would be in the room savoring the sounds.
Awo would not hesitate to take some snapshots with his digital camera, he was
that perverted. Well, for obvious reasons, the girls kept coming back for more and Femi kept giving them what they wanted. I used
to look up to him, wishing that one day, I would be able to rip a gal’s kitty apart. But I knew inside me, I was still an innocent boy.
Bad company, they say, corrupt good manners. A situation soon came up where my sexuality and my innocence were put to test.

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How did I perform. You will soon find out.

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