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The Proposal – Season 1 – Episode 3 [Completed]

Episode 3


After the meal, his sister and I took the dishes to the kitchen and as we were washing the plates, she whispered’Charly is going to propose to you as soon as you walk out to the sitting room.”What?”Yea, he is. So get ready and make sure you don’t faint cause my dad is going to be recording it.’I already felt faint. It was going to happen. I wasn’t prepared for this. The butterflies in my stomach were going all tsunami on me. It was as if all the juice i had for dinner had gone straight to my bladder. Suddenly, I felt the need to pee. I asked her where the rest room was and she navigated me to the one in her room. She also advised me to powder my nose a little before returning.


As soon as I got to her toilet, I held the toilet sink and forced myself to breath. Charles was finally going to propose. Everything had fallen into place. His family loved me, I loved them and I was going to be a part of them in few minutes. It was then it dawned on me that I was the one responsible for the few minutes.



I quickly pulled down my jeans and arched my ass over the toilet bowl, letting the slow stream of urine out. As I did,I felt someone knock on the door.It was strange. Why could I feel the knock instead of hear it. As the intensity of the knock increased, I felt more pain and I began to hear voices.’Sandra, Sandra, wake up jare.’I felt my eyes open forcefully.



As I tried to adjust my eyes to the poorly lit room, someone called out again but it wasn’t Charlie’s sister. Where was I?’Sandra, stand up jare. This is the 2nd time you’ve peed on the bed. Are you sure you don’t need deliverance?’That was when the voice registered. It belonged to Chioma, my roommate. I wasn’t in any toilet, there wasno Charles, no family, no proposal. It had all been a dream. I got up, looking at the map my urine had formed on the bed.


My life was in shambles. I was a single 30 year old who wet the bed, thinking of a guy that didn’t exist.





The End

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