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The Proposal – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 3]

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Story Title: The Proposal

Episodes: 3

Category: 18+

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Episode 1



I was on the 1000th level of candy crush when my phone vibrated, signalling the arrival of a text message.I quickly clicked the pop up notification, temporarily exiting candy crush. It was a message from Charles.’Baby, sorry I couldn’t pick your call. I’m just leaving the house. Get ready, we are going to see my parents on Saturday.’I froze instantly. He was finally taking me to see his parents.


Charles and I have been dating for the past 4 years and the only person from his family that knew about us was his dog. Yes, you heard me right, his dog. Each time I brought up meeting his family, he would counter my argument with 5 words – baby, I’m not ready yet.My friends told me to break up, while my mum told me to pray more fervently. This was more spiritual than physical she said multiple times. According to her and my friends, if a man failed to make some necessary steps after 6 months, he was just using you.


The only problem was that I loved how Charles used me. I had dated multiple guys and indeed, he was different. He was so thoughtful, caring, accommodating and most of all loving. Don’t even get me started on the sex. Just one word, bomb. He knew how to open me up, body and soul. Whenever he called me baby, I felt like one and when he said angel, I believed in the existence of female angels. Charles knew my problems before they even occoured and solved them before they became one. When ladies trended men are scum, I just couldn’t relate. He was close to perfection and his only flaw was his inability tomake us official to someone that shared his blood.



I read the text message again, jumped up and started dancing. My multiple prayers had been answered. I was going to see his parents and if they liked me,… who was I kidding, if there was one thing certain on planet earth, it was that parents loved me. After that, it was only going to be a matter of time (short) before I became Mrs Charles Dubem Obi.Today was Thursday, so I had the whole of friday to getready. Shit, I was quite unprepared.


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