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The Pretty Maid In Billionaire’s Massion – Season 2 – Episode 4

💞 Mike💞
This girl is like a medicine to me and I am addicted to her, I am so glad that she is my addiction I can’t have enough of her.

Her sound is like a sweet melody to my ears.

She is just too perfect for me, I am afraid of hurting or loosing her, I don’t want any of this to happen to her.

I won’t ever take it, her body is so soft and flawless, I am so concerned about her body because she is too fragile to be touched in this manner, I don’t want to hurt her because I won’t be able to go easy on her, I don’t normally stand back that is my worse fear right now.

“You are so beautiful and flawless honey “I said to her, without breaking the kss, I carried her to the b.ed.

Placed her gently, I unbuttoned her shirt slowly without cutting the eye contact, she tried avoiding my gaze

“Don’t do that honey, look at me, look at me as I have you don’t be shy because you are too beautiful to be shy “I said tickling her

I just can’t stop making fun of her, I really want to piss her off but she is trying to resist it.
“Common girl, let it out, don’t put it in and don’t pretend “I thought to myself

I like seeing her that way and I like my woman to be hot just like she is

“G©sh see that flawless body “I said to myself more like a whisper

“You idi©t you better stop thinking nonsense “my mind said

“Stop it already and let me be, haven’t you seen that killer body? Who has ever had that curves and body “I replied licking my lips

“Like seriously? “Sasha said

That was when I realize that she is standing right in front of me hands akimbo

“What are you doing here? “I asked trying to cover my embarrassed state

“Are You done drooling Mr? “She asked

“Drooling? Why will I do that? “I asked averting her eyes

“Maybe because of your poison mind “she replied

“Really? Who just wakes up one morning and abuse someone’s mind? “I asked standing up

“Mike stop that, you were drooling over my body probably “she replied moving back wards

“Really? Over your body? Come to think of it why will I drool over your body when you aren’t my girlfriend? “I asked walking towards her

“I… Do.. Nt know “she stammered

“Oh are you blushing already? “I asked still walking towards her

“Mike don’t come further please”she pleaded with her back on the world

“You don’t know? but you said I was drooling over your body, I wonder who told you that and speaking of the body, let me have a better look at it since you gave me the permission “I replied pinning her to the world

With my breath all over her neck and face, I couldn’t help touching her lips with my hands.

“Tell me something Sasha, do you hate me? “I asked staring into her eyes

“I don’t hate you “she managed to say

“Really? If you don’t hate me it means only one thing “I replied sniffing her neck

“Stop it please “she said amidst m©ans

“Why should I stop when you don’t want me to? “I asked

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