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The Pretty Maid In Billionaire’s Massion – Season 2 – Episode 3

💞 Sasha💞
I can’t believe that Mike took advantage of me but I know him as a descent and respectable man he won’t do such thing. I believe in him but I don’t believe the trash he just spat out.

We lay down for some minutes still staring at each other without saying a word, I kinda enjoyed the weight of his body on mine that I didn’t push him off me.

“What are you thinking of “mike said bringing me back

“Uhhummm… Nothing “I replied stammering

“Really? are you that shy? you can say it out, I don’t bite you know “he said smiling that instant I noticed the dimple on his two cheeks, I was so carried away that I gave in all my thought, ears and brain to it

“G©sh! He is so cute like a mouse, see that nice dimple “I thought to myself

“Sasha? Are you ok? “He asked

‘Yea I am why? “I asked embarrassed

“Nothing is just that you were lost in your own world of fantasy “he said and winked at me biting his lower lip that made him so charming

“I really want to kss this lips “I thought to myself

“Sasha are you thinking of how to tell me the truth?

“He asked looking down at me

“What truth and what are you talking about? “I asked diverting my gaze to else where

“The truth that, you love my dimple which you just noticed and my sxy lips “he said standing up from my body

“What nonsense are you talking about? “I asked innocently

“I don’t need to tell you everything you have already known “he replied

“Who told you that you have a sxy lips you idi©t? “I said yelling

“You just said so yourself so stop yelling before they think we have started another round which I know you don’t want others to know except we two “he said smirking

I couldn’t help the anger that build inside me, if only I could $trangle this guy, I would have done that a long time ago.

“Mike please stop this… “I trailed out

“Tell me honey do you really want me to stop this?

“He asked amidst the kisses. I kept quiet without saying a word because even if I wanted to maintain my pride and self respect my body couldn’t help and comply with me, I can deceive any thing or any one but not my body.

I know what I want but how can I say it out

“I am sure that you need me as much as I need you honey “mike said grabbing my waist fully in his hands

“Please….. “I pleaded not knowing exactly what I am pleading for

“Go on honey, don’t hold it back just let it out, you can do it “Mike said pulling me closer to himself
His hands on my body touching every thing he sees or reaches

I couldn’t help but m©an, I have forgotten myself respect, dignity and pride all because of this man, now how can I stop myself.

💞 Theresa💞
I went to Mike’s room with the intention of apologizing and asking for forgiveness from him but I met a scene that I will never forget even in my next life.

Sasha and my Mike are caressing and r©mancing each other. I can’t believe this, this girl has really bewitched him and he had fallen already for it.

I couldn’t help the tears that ran down my eyes, it is really hurting, I can’t take this anymore.

I ran back to my room crying my self to sleep.

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