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The Pretty Maid In Billionaire’s Massion – Season 2 – Episode 14

💞 Jude💞

Sasha was discharged from the hospital and I was advised by the doctor to take her to my house, at least to spend some time with me since she has no way to go and she can’t recall anything.

I gave her a room in the house and provided her with everything she might need but still that isn’t the case, the case is still far from it it’s my fault.

A call came in and I picked immediately because it was my mom.

“Mom good evening ”

“Evening my son, how are you and everything? “She quired

“Am good mom and everything is great “I tried faking a smile

“Ok I Called to inform you that I am already on the way, I am Coming to your house “she shot out

“Mom…. Why… What happened? “I stammered out scratching my head

“Jude what do you mean by that? Don’t you want your mother in your house again “she angrily asked

“Mom I didn’t mean to sound rude or mean, I am sorry I was just surprised that was why it came out raw “I apologized

“Ok no problem “she hanged up

Mom is Coming here but why now that Sasha is around, she will try saying senseless things and I will be compelled to be in a dangerous position.

What should I do?
Mom will start discussing about marriage which I am not ready for it.

Guys what do you think about Jude’s thinking faculty?

What will her mother do?

And come to think of it how did Theresa gets to drugged mike’s juice?

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