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The Pretty Maid In Billionaire’s Massion – Season 2 – Episode 13

💞 Jude💞

The doctor’s words really hit me the wrong way, for god sake it’s my fault, the reason she is having amnesia is my damn fault.

“Thanks for saving my life Mr Jude “said sadly by the lady

“You don’t have to thank me Miss, I am the one that put you in this present condition, it’s my fault that you are having a memory lose “I shot out

“It’s a good thing that you still saved me right? Which ever memory I lose or forgot I think it was never meant to be remembered and it’s a good thing that I am not recalling them so all thanks to you “she smiled faintly

“This lady is just too nice, too perfect and too good to be in this condition she shouldn’t pass through this “my mind murmured

“Yes she doesn’t deserve this “I deadpanned

“What did you just say? “She queried looking at me with kin interest

“Hummm, it’s nothing much though, I am just talking to myself ”

“Talking to yourself or blaming your self again, isn’t it? “She looked at me

“no, not that “I walked away hastening my steps.

💞Authoress pov 💞

Mike was sleeping peacefully on his bed, enjoying the chirping of birds that flies away in the morning.

The cold breeze blown air into his room which he enjoyed and sleep soundly for the first time.

The position he layed one could think that he is drunk or insane already but how will they know what his real problem is.

Minutes later he snapped his eyes open and took in his environment down to his body.

“That bch “he yelled angrily
Jumping out of the bed, he tried putting on his clothes.

But how come, how was she able to drug me that easily

“Good morning sweetie “someone said walking fully into the room

“You whore, who is your sweetie? You drugged me right? “I shot out angrily

“Calm down, I only drugged your orange juice so stop yelling it is not a big deal though “she winked at me smiling

“You what? “I deadpanned

“You heard me correctly honey, or you want me to get wet by your looks again? “She walked round me

“Theresa, you are so shameless, I wonder what my mom sees in you that made her forced you on me, you disgust me and let me warn you…. As from today ends forth don’t you ever step your cheap foot into my room else you will regret it ”

“I love you so it won’t be a crime to obey my husband’s words, so I will respect your view but prepare your self because you will soon be a father “she scurried away.

“Dmn, Sasha I am so sorry please forgive me please I didn’t mean to cheat on you “I cried out in guilt

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