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The Pretty Maid In Billionaire’s Massion – Season 2 – Episode 12

💞 Theresa💞
Wow wow wow, so finally Mike is on my palm, Theresa you are really a genius he really thought he can push me out of his life and act as if we are strangers, no I won’t let it happen.

Theresa has never lost, I wasn’t born into this world to be a loser or cry over something.

“Theresa this world is all about struggle, so always put in your best and effort in everything you do, never you be a loser, is either you take it by force or no body has it “those are my momma’s word
She trained me with those words, so she taught me well and I will never backed down, I must make her proud.

I untie the towel on his body leaving him with nothing, now you are all mine.

💞Author’s p. O. V 💞

Sasha was still in the coma as though she wasn’t among the living anymore but all of a sudden the unborn child inside her started kicking with so much force that Sasha’s eyes snapped opened at once.

She took in her surrounding and became surprised
“Why am I here and what happened “she looked at herself
She tried recalling the last thing that happened.

Yes I was upset with someone, I ran out of the house angrily but I ran into a moving vehicle but why was I upset, why did I ran out and who was the person that made me angry.

“Who even brought me here “Sasha murmured to her self

“I did miss “A man walked in smiling

“You did? Thanks very much, I appreciate “I thanked sincerely

“No need of appreciating, it’s was the right thing to do “he smiled

“Ok miss, let me carry out a test on you, it’s a miracle that you are awake surely you are a strong woman “the man in white robe smiled at me he should be the doctor

“Doctor how is she? “Asked the man

“Mr Jude she is really fine and strong, I have never seen this before but we need to confirm something “he shot out sadly

. “and what could that be “said the man

“Memory, her memory “replied the doctor

“Go on “he beckoned on the doctor

“What is your name? ”

“Am Sasha by name ”

“So sasha, where do you live? ”
I lived at…. At….
I don’t know “she responded all of a sudden

“Do You know what happened, why you are here? ”

“I had an accident, I ran into a car that’s why I am here I think “she sarcastically replied

“Why were you running? ”

“I was upset”

“By who and why? ”

“I was upset by hummm….. I don’t know exactly “she stammered

“Who is the father of your unborn child? ”

“Am I pregnant? ” she touched the bump on her tommy

“I don’t know anything,am sorry I can’t remember anything so I can’t answer any of your questions”she responded sadly

“Doctor this is not a good news, looks as though she has a memory lose but she remembered some things why? “I looked at the doctor

“It is normal, it happens in some cases but its always very rare, it means that she has complete Amnesia concerning a particular person or something, seems like the person she forgot made her upset that particular day and broke her heart.

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