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The Pretty Maid In Billionaire’s Massion – Season 2 – Episode 11

💞Mike 💞
I came back from the company so tired and exhausted, I walked straight to my room, I dropped my brief case and entered the bath room to freshen up.

I came out to see Theresa sitting on my bed with a crossed leg, I became so angered that it became visible in my tone

“What are you doing in my room and how did you get in here? “I shouted glaring at her

“Don’t walk yourself up darling, you are just back from work “she walked $eductively towards me

“And so? I asked a question “I yelled folding my fist

“Meaning that you need a good rest with a nice massage so I am here for you honey, just let me help you this once please “she winked at me

“Theresa don’t let me loose my sanity please leave this room at once before I do something I will regret later “I deadpanned
She walked up to me and attempted kssing me but I shoved her away angrily

“Mike do you hate me that much? What did that bch do to you that made you turn your back on me, has she poisoned your mind already?

I can give you what she won’t ever be able to offer to you, she is nothing but some slum girl that came out of no where but here I am right infront of you and you are still thinking of that pig? “Theresa ranted

“Theresa I don’t love you, I have never loved you and I will never do so stop hurting yourself and put yourself together “I shot out

“Mike tell me, am I not beautiful enough? What can that slut offer to you that I can’t do the same tell me “she yelled angrily

“You are beautiful Theresa but there’s something she can offer me that you can’t offer me even if you sell the whole world “I shot back

“And what could that be Mike? Sx? So you have slept with her already?
That is so good to know but you will soon dump and forget all about her like you normally do to other girls “she deadpanned smirking

“I have had enough of your abusive words so get lost already “I responded

She let lose of her robe and it fell to the floor leaving her with nothing

“Come on darling, let’s stop arguing already, like I said I can make you happy once again,

please come quench my taste, I need you and I know that you need me too “she responded $eductively

“What is wrong with me? I can’t see properly”I staggered to the bed falling asleep immediately

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