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The Pretty Maid In Billionaire’s Massion – Season 2 – [Episode 1 – 15]



💞 Mike💞
After my dad went out, I went back to sasha, she was still sleeping and I can’t bring my self to change her into something good.

I called Silvia, I noticed that those two friends are closed to each other so I gave her my shirt to wear sasha since I can’t wear her myself.

Some minutes later she told me that she is done and left.

I went into the bathroom, brought out a towel. I added a warm water in a bowl and massage her body, although I didn’t understand what I am doing I just hope that this will help relieve the pains.

Some minutes later, I was done, I return the towel in the bathroom and went back to her side

“I am not leaving you nor sleep tonight, not until you wake “I said to my self drawing a chair closer to the bed where she layed. I sat on it and rested my head on the bed, staring at her face, counting every passing minutes and hour.

💞Silvia 💞
Oh dear God, please protect my friend for me I have come to know one thing which is no one dies because of love.

Since their love is so strong please let it remain that way so they can go through thick and thin together.

💞 Sasha💞
I woke up to see myself laying on the bed, I took in everything but nothing seems familiar to me

“Where am I? “I asked my self trying to raised my head but I couldn’t because it was still hurting, the memory came flashing back

I could remember that I was been beaten by

Theresa and ma’am Anita, then I later passed out but why am I here?

Whose room am I, whose bed is this and my oh my god!
I was tieing a towel, where is it?

I looked down on my self and noticed that I am no longer with a towel, I am wearing a shirt that barely covered half of my thighs, I became so nervous that

I started chewing my fingers, I diverted my eyes to my side and someone was right behind me.

“Who is this? “I asked my self

I raised my hand and touched the person repeatedly he was asleep

I continued till he raised up his face looking straight to my face

“Oh thank goodness, you are awake “he said standing up

“Oh my! Its Sir Luke “I said more like a whisper, my mouth were wide open without saying a word

“Are You okay dear? “He asked sitting on the bed

“I am good “I replied and tried sitting up but a scream escape my lips

“Look, you are not still strong so don’t try standing up before you stress yourself “he said helping me down again

“I want to sit please “I pleaded

“Ok “he replied helping me up

💞 Mike💞
I was so happy when Sasha regain her consciousness though I know that she is still shock from what happened and she might probably be mad at me for putting her in trouble.

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