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The Pretty Maid In Billionaire’s Massion – Season 1 – Episode 8

The Pretty Maid In Billionaire’s Massion – Season 1 – Episode Episode 8

💦Silvia 💦
I arranged all the bowl of food on the table making sure that everything is well set, I doubled checked it as many times as I could till I was satisfied with it.

I left for the kitchen, Sasha was still trying to get things done so she can take a shower

“Sasha I am done with the arrangements maybe you can check things through if you want to “I said to her

“Thanks Silvia since you have done it then there is no need in doing it again, I trust you “Sasha said smiling at me

“You are welcome and no need for the formalities “I said

“Yea but I still need to show appreciation “she said.
“Sure, enough of all the talks go take a shower so you will be ready before ma’am Anita returns and don’t you ever forget the rules “I said pushing her out of the kitchen.

💦 Sasha💦
I left the kitchen heading towards the maid room, I have to take a sharp shower before ma’am Anita arrival. With the thought of it

I hurried inside the bathroom, taking my bath as fast as I could, I came out of the bathroom with a towel tied on my chest, I applied some lotion on my skin and started searching for a new uniform since the other one is ruined.

That moment I heard the car horn, I realized that my time is up, ma’am Anita is back with his son and first thing they will be heading to the dinning table.

💦 Ma’am Anita💦
I have gotten another chance of seeing my son after a long time, I couldn’t hide the joy inside me.

I couldn’t wait to ask him so many questions about his life, his work and other things.
We came out of the car heading to the house

💦 Mike💦
I was so happy when I saw my mom, oh my! It feels like ages since I last saw her even though she is so troublesome I still missed her like I won’t see her again.

We walked out of the car heading to the house
“Home sweet home, it feels so good to be back home “I said hugging my mom for the hundredths times

Theresa was tagging behind us, mom talked me into coming here with her though I didn’t want her here I couldn’t refuse my mother’s voice.
We walked inside the house

“Mike dear, I have ordered for a feast to be thrown for your return so there is enough food in the dinning let’s all go there at once before it will get cold “my mom said smiling

“Mom you didn’t have to bother your self, where is my father? “I asked

“Oh after much talks, jubilation and everything someone got to remember his very own father after forgetting about him “my dad’s voice came in

“So sorry dad, please forgive my manners “I said hugging him

“Its OK son and welcome home “my dad said

“Thanks dad “I replied settling down on the dinning

💦Theresa 💦
What is it with this family, I feel like I am nothing before them nobody notice my presence and I can’t take it again.

“Good day father “I said greeting Mr Luke at least he will now notice my presence

“Welcome Theresa, hope your coming down here

was fun? “He said smiling

“Sure sir and I enjoyed it “I replied

“That’s good to hear, let’s eat already “he said

💦Silvia 💦
I was coming out of the kitchen when I overhead ma’am Anita asking after Sasha, I rushed down to her

“Ma’am please Sasha went to bring the wine from the cellar “I said hoping she believes me

“Ok you can leave “she said with her hand
I ran as fast as I could heading to the room and I saw Sasha on the way all dressed,

“Thank goodness you are done already because ma’am Anita just asked of you “I said

“Really? I need to hurry “she said and tried walking away but I pulled her back

“Wait here for me let me get you the wine “I said
Minutes later I came back with the wine and handed it over to her

“Thanks Silvia “she said walking away

💦 Sasha💦
I walked to the dinning and met everyone already seated, they were all smiling and discussing without noticing my presence.

Thank goodness because ma’am Anita is busy.

I walked as fast as I could to the side and waited for them to round up their discussion.

My eyes landed on a very beautiful lady, she is well dressed with expensive clothes shoes and jewelries, I couldn’t take my eyes off her, she must be Theresa.

“Why are you staring at me so uncivilized? “The ladies voice ranged out

Cutting everyone’s discussion short and all eyes were directed at me, I became so embarrassed

“Am sorry ma’am, I didn’t mean to “I said bowing down my head

“You should be you swine “she yelled

“Calm down Theresa that’s enough “a guy’s voice said sharply that I was forced to look at the owner of the sweet and soft voice, just then the guy diverted his gaze towards me.

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