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The Pretty Maid In Billionaire’s Massion – Season 1 – Episode 7

Episode 7

💦 Sasha💦
Since ma’am Anita appointed me as the cook, I have been doing it with all my heart, not minding how so choosy and demanding she is.

It continued that way for months till I gained Sir Luke ‘s trust but gaining ma’am Anita’s heart is so impossible because she smiles with no one.

One fateful day, I was called alongside all other maids and I was given the post of the overall leader.
I was so happy that I jumped on Silvia’s body.

I did everything required of me as a leader.

Months after we were told by ma’am Anita that his son will be coming back with his fiance, everyone were so busy during that period, running different errands, arranging places and so many more.

I was in the room one evening trying to get out of my uniform when Sofia called me

“Sasha “Sofia called

“Yes? “I answered

“Do You know who Ma’am Anita’s Son wants to get married to? “She asked and smirked

“No, what is wrong about it? “I asked putting on my hair net

“Ok, her name is Theresa, I don’t like her, nobody likes her except ma’am Anita “she said sharply

“Really? “I asked sitting close to her

“Why are you guys not liking her? “I asked

“Sasha you don’t need to ask till when you see her, the question will get answered by it self “Sofia said smiling

I was so confused that I decided asking Silvia, I went out of the room heading to the laundry room where she was washing and ironing some clothes

“Sasha this one you are here hope I am safe”Silvia said immediately she saw me coming

“I come in peace Silvia “I answered smiling

“Ok I know you are not here because you want to but something is bothering you that’s why you are here “she said looking at me

“Yes, you are right Silvia, I am worried and confused

“I replied settling down on the chair

“Ok what is that? “She asked

“How is Mike’s Fiancee like? “I asked and that instant her countenance fell

“Sasha can we talk about this later? “She asked

“Please now, I really wanna know please “I said pouting like a cat

“Ok, that lady is so arrogant, proud, pompous, lazy and wicked no body likes her “she said hissing.
“Then why is Mike attracted to her? “I asked in an interested tone

“Sasha I am as clueless as you are, no body knows about it but from what I heard ma’am Anita forced her on him just because she is her friend’s daughter. But from the look on Mike’s face he doesn’t love her that much even Sir Luke dislikes her.

“This is really fun, its funny and interesting to hear “I said laughing

“Sasha please if you are less busy help me out with some of those clothes on that couch “Silvia said straighting out her hand to the direction of the clothes.

Days later
Ma’am Anita informed us that his son his on his way back.
I was asked to prepare a feast for the family.
I prepared all sort of food through Silvia’s assistance, she assisted with preparing the dinning table and arranging the food bowls on it.

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