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The Pretty Maid In Billionaire’s Massion – Season 1 – Episode 6

Episode 6

💦 Sasha💦
I can’t believe my ears when ma’am Anita said that to me I tried controlling myself from jumping up in joy.

“Sasha for the first time I am proud of you “I said to myself smiling

“And why is our cook smiling all by her self “I turned to see Sofia smiling at me

“Nothing much Sofia, I am just so happy for today “I replied

“Yes dear, you should be happy because you just get away from ma’am Anita’s wrath who wouldn’t be happy and not only that, you have succeeded in getting close to her so be happy girl “Sofia said touching my cheek

“Thanks Sofia I appreciate “I said honestly

“Its nothing dear its a good thing to be happy when others are succeeding because very soon your turn will come “she said walking away

“Yea that’s true “I replied back yelling to her hearing.

💦 Sofia💦
I am so happy for Sasha how I wish my turn will eventually come, that day I will run up for joy.

💦 Sir Luke 💦
Anita dear, that girl is a good cook just imagine the kind of food we ate this morning, I just couldn’t stop myself from yearning for more, I was so full but I still yearned for some again.

“She is a good cook at that, unlike those duckling that cooks pig dongs as food, sometimes I wonder what there are still doing in that mansion ” Anita answered

“You know that you should be greatful at least for once in your life, all these while we have been eating those maidens food without complain of any sort but just because you happen to eat a better one today you finally concluded that those ones are useless “I answered angrily.

My phone rang and I picked it up

“Oh its mike that is on the line “I said to Anita

“Really? Please let me have it “she said collecting the phone from me

“Hello Mike dear, how are you and when are you coming to visit us? “Anita asked

“Mom by next week I will be heading home “Mike answered

“Its ok then… Are you coming with your fiancee?

“Anita asked and at the mention of that lazy and pompous girl I became so angry.

I don’t know what my son saw in that girls body first that made him agreed to marrying her

And I hate it when I remembered my wife forcing that girl on my son, I don’t like her and I will never accept her into my family.

My wife loves the girl as though she is part of our family just because she is her friends daughter.

I collected the phone from her placing it on my ear
“Hello my son, don’t listen to your mother, if you don’t want to come along with her there won’t be any problem, you can do what ever you want “I said

“Thanks dad “he said and hanged up, I turned to her

“Anita tell me when you will stop forcing this girl on Mike, the last time I checked your parents did not forced you on me so why are you forcing that mannerless girl on mike? “I asked waiting for a reply

“Luke weather you like it or not, Mike must marry Theresa if not that house will never contain the both of us. I choose that girl for him because I love him. I am his mother and I know what is best for him so stop spoiling his mind against me “Anita said yelling.

💦Ma’am Anita 💦
I will never disappoint my friend, I have given her my word and so will it be.

Mike must marry Theresa or no one else
For God sake why is my husband not seeing the good side

He is always opposing my opinion, he has never seen or accepts anything I say.

Theresa is the perfect match for Mike, she is classy, educated, well brought up, cultured well endowed with curves and most of all she is beautiful what more those a man wants in a lady if not those attributes.

She is the only match for my son or no one else, I won’t sit back and watch my son get hooked up with a ghetoo bch or $lut, people that are below his standard or below our family status never!

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