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The Pretty Maid In Billionaire’s Massion – Season 1 – Episode 4

Episode 4

💦Sasha 💦
After ma’am Anita’s speech, I left the place heading to the kitchen since we are not appointed to a particular duty, I decided to prepare breakfast for the house hold.

I called Silvia asking her of the family’s food time table, she told me one at a time and I made sure that I jotted every thing down in my jotter.

After that I proceeded in the cooking, my grandmother taught me a lot of things about

cooking, be it the different ways it is been prepared, the types and different species you use in each food.

Thank goodness I learnt a lot from them before they left me.

Since this is morning I will just go through the time table, I am preparing a light food for them.
I brought out the ingredients for Jellof rice, I prepared it all by myself without seeking for anyone’s assistance.

Long minutes later it was ready, I brought it down and put another pot on the cooker, thank goodness for this cooker if not I wouldn’t be this fast “I thought to my self.

I proceeded in preparing the beef not long after every thing was ready, I rushed to the big drawer and draw it out searching for plates.

“Hmm, this is really mouth watering dish “Silvia’s voice came through

“Wow, I cant wait to taste this food “another maid said

“It smells nice”another said

“Hmm, how did you made it, the scent is so inviting? “Another maid said

“Please teach us how to prepare delicious dish please “another maid said pouting like a cat

“Guys? “I said turning but I met the shock of my life,I was surrounded by all the maids, some were poking out their faces through the door

“Why are you all behaving so childish? “I asked smiling

“Who wouldn’t act that way with the way the aroma of your food is traveling all through the mansion “Silvia replied

“Ok guys right now I am very busy we can discuss about this later “I said returning to what I was searching for

“Ok then but remember to keep our own share of the food “they all chorused scurrying out of the kitchen one at a time

“Hmm, Silvia please don’t go just yet, I need help from you “I said hands akimbo

“Ok? “She said looking at me expectantly

“I need a food bowl to dish the food inside, I have been searching for it for ages now but I couldn’t seem to find anyone “I replied

“Sure but we need to worry because in less than 10 minutes ma’am Anita and Sir Luke will be coming down for their breakfast “Silvia said bringing out some fancy bowl from the drawer

“At the mentioned of ma’am Anita coming down in less than 10 minutes my heart began beating very fast, what if I am not done arranging the dinning table before her arrival what will be my fate? “I asked my self chewing my finger nails

Its obvious that I eat my finger nails when ever I am scared, troubled, nervous or confused.

“Sasha what are you waiting for, hurry and prepare the dinning I will bring out the food bowls “Sasha said jerking me out of my thought.
I hurried out of the kitchen running to the dinning, I arrange the table clothes and put everything in order, Silvia brought the food and arranged it on the table, immediately we were were done the bell rang signifying us that ma’am Anita is heading to the dinning table.
I was so greatful for giving me a helper like Silvia if not for her I would still be in the kitchen working out my a$$.
“Silvia is there any other thing that I need to do? “I asked Silvia more like a whisper

“Yes, you are not to leave this place untill they are done eating the food “Silvia said

“Why? “I asked

“That’s the rule, the cook must be on their feet, while they eat. Then after the meal, if you are a good cook you are free but if you are a bad cook you lost your job instantly. Ma’am Anita does not give a second chance to any lazy person she fires you immediately despite all your pleas and cries”Silvia said

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