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The Pretty Maid In Billionaire’s Massion – Season 1 – Episode 2

Episode 2

💦Sasha 💦
I followed the woman into the house taking in everything I see, I was so stunned that I couldn’t close my mouth, the house was just too beautiful.

We walked into the big sitting room, maids were scattered in every corner with each of them trying to do one thing or the other.

They were much in numbers that I couldn’t take their number.

“Sasha right? “The woman asking turning to my direction

“Yes ma’am “I answered smiling

“Ok “she said and clap, all the maids run down to where we were some of them came out from different rooms that I was so surprised.

The rounded us with their heads down.

“We have a guest among us “the woman said clearing her throat

And instantly they all look up looking at me without saying anything

“She is the new maid, she will be starting work by tomorrow so I want all of you to give her the maximum co -oporation and support she need, are we clear? “The woman asked

“Yes ma’am “they all said at the same time
“One more thing, Sasha introduce yourself “the woman said

“Hi everyone my name is Sasha Delerosa “I said smiling

“Good, Silva I hand her over to you, give her the uniform and guide her in some things “the woman said walking away

I ran to the beautiful lady, she should be of my age but I am more curvy than she is.

“Hello Silvia “I greeted

“Hi Sasha, nice meeting you, come with me I have to teach you a lot of things because you have a lot to learn.

Madam Anita doesn’t like lazy people, anytime she sees someone being idle she shout, screams and call you different names, sometimes she punishes the person no body wishes to be on her bad side not even me. “Silvia said entering a room

“Really? But she seems nice… “I said

“Ma’am Anita is never nice, a mere seeing her you will get scared “Silvia said searching for something
Among the heaped clothes

I guess she is looking for my dress size
“If ma’am Anita Isn’t nice then why did she act nice to me? “I asked in a confused manner

“Hmm, Sasha you have never come across ma’am Anita that woman you saw is the care taker of this house, she is second in command, she is so nice to us and we all love her “Silvia said and my mouth was agape

“Really? What’s her name? “I asked

“She is Rosy but we all call her ma’am Rose because she is nice and beautiful like one “Silvia said throwing cloth on me

“Wow she has a nice name “I said
“Sure she does but it will be better for the both of us if we stopped talking about someone and concentrate on herself before ma’am Anita comes back”Silvia said Trying some clothes on me

“Yes you are right “I replied

“Sasha you have a killer body, I can’t seem to see your size ever since I start searching for it, your size isn’t here looks like a new one will be made “Silvia said arranging back the place.

After spending some time with her, I decided to bade ma’am rose a good bye.

I went to her residence and I was allowed access into it, I told her everything and my measurement was taken.

“Sasha it’s been ages since I last saw a curvy shaped body like this, that’s why no clothes in this mansion fit you but before you start work tomorrow your uniform will be ready “ma’am Rose said smiling

“Thanks ma’am Rose “I said with a bow

The next day
I woke up with the morning sun penetrating through my window entering into my eyes.

I straight my body on the bed and stood up kneeling down beside my bed.

I had a little prayer and entered into the bathroom, I brushed my teeth and took my bath, I came out minutes later with a towel tied on my chest.
I applied a lotion on my skin and went to my word rope in search of a simple dress .

I saw a simple skirt with a plan polo, I brought it out wearing a flat sandals.

I walked out of room to the kitchen, I don’t intend going there late so I will just take a simple breakfast so I settled for a fried egg with toasted bread and a cup of milk.

After that I left the house stopping a cap that took me straight to the mansion.

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