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The Pretty Maid In Billionaire’s Massion – Season 1 – Episode 10

Episode 10
💦 Sasha 💦
Oh my!

Is sir Mike ok? Maybe he is drunk or something

“Sir please are you having a flu? “I asked him

“How? “He asked

“Uhhmmm, it as if you are saying unreasonable thing “I replied

“Which is? “He asked

“What you just said “I replied

“Please Sasha could you tell me what I said exactly because it seems as though I am sick “Sir mike said

“I didn’t hear you clearly seems as though you were murmuring to your self “I replied

“Really? Maybe you are right I am actually sick and I need a medication “he said

“Ok I will just call the doctor “I said and turned but
he called me back

“I don’t need a doctor “he said

“What? “I asked

“You heard me, doctors won’t give me the right

drugs so I need another suggestion “he said

“Oh, I think a herbal man will do “I said

“I don’t take that “he replied

“Then what else do you take? “I asked

“Beautiful lady”he answered

“Beautiful lady? “I asked

“You “he said pointing at me

💦Mike 💦
I love what I am seeing, I just can’t stop myself from talking to her, she is so caring, smart and adorable, I like looking at her while she speaks and I like
staring at her sxy pink lips how it moves when she is talking.

I know I am wasting her time but I just can’t stop myself, I just can’t let her leave me but this is so crazy who toast a lady this way, I am so poor when it comes to this.

I have to think of a way to get her close to me

“Mike think, come on think fast, I know you can always do it “I said to myself

“Sir? “She called

“Yes “I answered

“Are You okay? “She asked

“Yes I am fine”I replied

“You need a rest, maybe you are stressed out from your trip “she said

“Yes, you are right, I need to go to my room have a nice day “I said standing up

I walked so slow as though I am a learner when it comes to walking at a point I paused walking a stole a glance at her making sure that she is still looking at my every move, I nod my head and started walking again.

Some seconds later I purposely stumbled on something making me stagger back and my finger toe start bl.eeding, she ran to me holding me from falling on the floor, she was holding me so tightly that I wish I could bring my self to tell her not to let me go

“Are you okay sir? “She asking letting go of me

“Yes.. I am fine.. It’s a good thing you saved me “I stammered

“You are welcome sir, just be careful “she answered and turned to leave

“Oh no, Mike your plan isn’t working you are not a good strategists, you need to do another thing “I said to my, I darted my eyes to my finger toe that was hurting I bend down and touch it there by making me screamed in pain and that moment she came running back to me

“Sir what happened? “She asked

“Nothing I am fine “I said pretending to be fine

“You are bl.eeding “she screamed out in fear looking at me pitifully

“Stop screaming its nothing, I can handle this okay? “I said

I wanted standing up and that minute she wanted bending making our face an inch apart, our lips were so close to each other and I couldn’t take my eyes off it and I can’t control myself I proceeded in drawing closer to her but she retrieved her head

“Sir let me get you a first aid box “she said running away

“Mike this girl will be the death of you”my mind said to me

💦 Sir Luke💦
After leaving the dining, I didn’t go straight to my room I went up the stairs waiting for mike’s arrival but he didn’t came even after waiting for more than 30 minutes.

I decided to go check out what is happening but on getting there my son was busy enjoying himself and troubling the poor girl.

I stood in a hidden place and watch what he was doing, for sure love is craziness, mike is really doing crazy thing just to gain sasha’s attention, I admit I enjoyed watching every move they made together, they really look so good together.

After Sasha left, I decided to reveal my self to Mike

“Take it easy son”I said at ones making him jump in fright

“Dad, you scared me “He said breathing

“Yes you should be scared when your whole mind, heart, body and attention was else where “I replied smiling

“What are you talking about dad? “He asked

“Stop playing dumb with me boy, stop all the pretense, I am not a child but your father, I know you love her and I like the fact that you show interest in her but always remember that what you want doesn’t come that easily, you fight for it.



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