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The Prettiest Of Them All – Episode 7

Episode 7

Jessie’s POV

Today is the first time anybody stood up for me. First it was the cute girl then Raymond, to say the students were shocked is an understatement, I myself was flabbergasted.

Ray that doesn’t smile or show emotions unless when told to is actually beating up someone. The cute gal was cheering at first but when she saw that Ray wouldn’t stop, she dragged him up.

“Hi, I’m Diamond are you okay?” She asked and I nodded unable to speak

“What about me, are you not going to ask if I’m okay” Raymond asked

“Nope, you’re the prince am the princess, it’s the duty of the prince to protect the princess” she replied

“Aish, you’re not going to kill me” he said left

Gosh is this girl okay?, Does she know she’s talking to Raymond Kings.

We were walking now towards Ray’s private Lounge, she was dragging me along if not how would I have the guts to come near here

“Gosh, am so hungry, are you hungry?” She asked, I said no

“Food that’s all you know, how many times have I told you not to interfere” he said getting angry with her or rather trying to get angry

His manager came into the lounge looking worried

“Raymond, are you okay? were you hurt?, I saw the video, why the hell did you get into a fight in the first place” he bombarded Ray with question not noticing any of us

“Diamond, I’m talking you’re eating…” He ignored his manager and continued talking to cutie. It seems the manager finally notices us because he asked who we were

“Hi, I’m Diamond and this is…, What’s your name again sweetie?”

“Jessie, uhm Jessica Crawford” I replied

” Gosh, that’s too long I’ll call you pretty, her name is pretty” she told the manager

“Diamond, I’m…..” Ray try to say something but she shut him up by shoving a spoon of ice cream in his mouth

“That does it” he took her ice cream and ran off with it

Every one in the room was dumbfounded from the manager to the guards to I an ordinary fan. None of us had seen this playful part of Ray before

Diamond chased after him and pinned him down, am pretty sure he allowed her to catch him.

“Get away from me you fat princess” he yelled

“Only if you say sorry” she said and tickled him

“Sorry” he said through laughter

“Okay I was jealous at first but if Diamond can make my Ray of sunshine laugh this way. I promise to bring them together” I swore within myself, i almost burst out laughing when I saw the managers shocked face

Oh Diamond you’re a wonder and a jewel.


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