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The Prettiest Of Them All – Episode 4

Episode 4

Desmond’s POV

Diamond knights, I can’t believe that she’s been alive all this while. She was my only friend, and my defender in third grade.
When my father died, all his properties we’re taken by his brother, leaving my mother and I penniless, My so called friends left me, I was an introvert and so my class mates picked on me.
Those children were wee devils, I can still remember the first day she saved me

Flash back

” Hey Ray, what are you eating?, Gosh it smells” one of the bullies said and the rest laughed

” You behaved like you own the world, where’s your rich dad now?” They said and pushed me to the floor

” I searched to see if any of my friends would save me but they just laughed, so I bowed in shame

” Hey, why don’t you pick on someone your own size” I turned to see the most beautiful girl ever she was like an angel with the most angelic voice, the boy we’re confused to see such a little girl challenge them.

All of a sudden pudding from nowhere was dumped on the the leader, I was shocked, what planet was this girl from. She grabbed my hands and started running

” Run faster, they are catching up” she said, we ran till we got to a garden, we had already lost them

“Wow, that was epic” she said ” I am Diamond, what’s your name” she asked


” Well Raymond, nice to meet you, and you shouldn’t let people bully you that way” she said and I nodded

” Am so hungry, are you hungry?” She asked and I nodded

She opened her backpack and brought out two snacks and a drink

” Come on let’s share” she said and handed me one “too bad I had to waste a perfectly good pudding on that ugly bully” she said and I laughed

” Thanks” I said
” You’re welcome, friends?” She asked bringing out her hands
” Friends” I said shaking her hands

Flash back ends

Diamond had never liked bullying and she never hesitated to speak out. I remember how I cried when I heard about the accident, I didn’t have any friends after her, even when we later got our wealth back, no one could ever replace Diamond, and friends would always leave you one way or the other.
But now that she’s back I promise to protect her.

Clarissa POV

I got home and searched for Diamond, she was in her room playing with a doll and singing, gosh, her voice was superb, jealousy filled me.

“Diamond, come here”

“Ok, welcome”

“How dare you come to school today, are you not forbidden from leaving the house, and you even had the guts to touch Raymond, my Raymond” I said whilst dragging her by the ear
” I’m sorry, please let me go” she cried but I kept dragging her, I wasn’t watching so I slipped and fell.
” What’s going on here?” my mom asked

“It’s Diamond, I was only asking her why she left the house without permission and she pushed me” I lied

” No it’s a…..” Diamond tried to say something but my mom shut her up with a slap

” You lunatic, do you know how much the hair on my daughter’s head is worth and you want to damage her whole body”

” But I …”

” Shut up, how dare you think of touching her talk less of pushing her, Desmond has been spoiling you too much, I’m going to discipline you” my mom said and dragged Diamond

I was just enjoying the show, my mom dragged Diamond upstairs and locked her in the room.

“None of you are allowed to open this door, she’s going to stay there till she learns some manners” my mom said to the maids and left
I could hear Diamond crying from inside but I couldn’t care less.
” Good for her” I thought and got in my room.

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