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The Prettiest Of Them All – Episode 3

Episode 3

Raymond’s POV
I was still staring at the extremely cute girl that my guards held when another girl came up to me, she looked really familiar, I was wondering were I knew her from.

“Hi, am Clarrissa, remember?, We did a photo shoot for the teens magazine last year” she said
“Oh, okay” I said and turned my concentration back to the cute girl that my guards were dragging away
“Stop” I told them
” what’s your name?” I asked the cute one
“Diamond knights” she replied
“Why are you crying”
“I’m crying because the bad men want to take me away from prince charming” she said and I chuckled
“Who’s prince charming?” I asked
“You and I’m princess Diamond” she said and I laughed.
Wow this girl is something “are you hungry?” I asked cause I heard her stomach rumble and she nodded
“Come on lets go eat” I said and took her hand.

Clarissa POV

I stood there burning with embarrassment, the students were mumuring but I didn’t care. Raymond just ignored me and all because of Diamond and not only that but he also talked and laughed with her, Raymond that doesn’t smile except for a photo actually laughed all because of Diamond. My phone was blinking with notification and I already knew what the topic was about. Am going to so deal with Diamond and as for Raymond he’s not going to be able to ignore me for long.

I finished with lectures and left immediately for my meeting with Starz. Starz is the company I work for as a model, they are also the owners of my school Starz high. Rumor has it that Ray has his own shares of the company. The meeting was going to be about Raymond and I, so I was pretty sure that he was gonna be there.
I got into the conference room, Ray was already there with his manager, my manager was there also, I adjusted my dress well showing a bit of my flesh and catwalked to Ray.
“Hi” I said but he just ignored me, ” uhm, I’m sorry for the way my sister behaved earlier” I said again and he looked up at me. Great!, So when I talk about diamond he actually hears me
“Your sister?” He asked
“Yes, the girl that ran into you earlier”

” Oh, I didn’t know diamond had a sister” he said

” did you know her before” I asked but he ignored me when I saw he had no intention of continuing the conversation I left. Not long after the meeting proceeded, it was about a medieval fashion show, Ray and I would feature in it as lovers , we’ll dance away the seasons and at the end of it share a passionate kiss.
I sat up immediately and glanced at Raymond expecting a reaction but he was just busy with his phone.
“So are you guy’s okay with the presentation or should I change it” Starz official asked

“A chance to kiss Ray, it’s more than okay, it’s all I ever wanted” I thought but aloud I just said “okay” while he just shrugged and said


I left the meeting feeling very happy, two things were in my mind at that moment, one in two weeks I was going to kiss Ray and how I was going to deal with Diamond later tonight


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