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The Prettiest Of Them All – Episode 15



I looked at the film once again, it already had twenty million views and they just posted it this morning, I have to find a way to deal with Diamond before things get out of hand. I was still thinking about this when one of my friends rushed in

” Queen Clarissa,you have to see this” I collected the phone from her and watched the video.

“How did this happen” I thought ” I’m going to so deal with those workers” the video showed when Raymond embarrassed me by removing from the shoot and also calling me a classroom. It was tagged #ALL HAIL QUEEN CLASSROOM THE MISTRESS OF ALL CLASSES. I looked at the comments

📑Wow, wonderful Ray you just hit the nail on the head
📑 Classroom indeed 🤣🤣
📑 See her face, she looks like one indeed

I felt like crying, i quickly picked up my phone and called jack

📞I need you to deal with someone
📞 Who?
📞 Diamond
📞 What do you want me to do with her” he asked and I glanced at Diamond. I hate her so much
📞 Rape her” I said.

Ray didn’t come to school today and that stupid friend of hers didn’t also. So she’ll be left vunerable with no one to save her


I was in the car with my mom, I had school today but I didn’t feel like going, and she asked me to accompany her for an important meeting, I went with her

“Ray, what’s wrong” my mom asked


“Don’t you dare say nothing, I’ve been watching you, since you returned from your shoot yesterday, you’ve been quiet and lost in thought, you didn’t even complain about my dress” she said and I took a good look at her, she was wearing a ball gown.

“What kind of mother do I have”

“So my little Ray of sunshine,are you going to tell me or do I have to find out”

I knew she was really going to find out if she wanted too so I told her,

“Awwwwwwn, my baby is in love” she said and smiled

” Come lemme hug you” she said and when she leaned close to me she slapped me hard

” Ouch, what was that for” I yelled

” I was smacking some sense into your brain, listen I didn’t give birth to a chicken and I’m not going to seat still and watch you behave like one. So you better man up and take control, because if you break my baby’s heart, I’m just to disown you” she yelled

“She’s right” I thought seems like all I needed was a good slap.

“Mom, you are the craziest woman I’ve ever seen and I don’t want you to ever change, I love you” I said and hugged her

” I hate you too” she replied

I received a call from an unknown number, I felt relunctant to pick but my mom urged me to do so.

” Ray, where are you, you need to save Diamond” the voice said and cut the call

“Stop the car” I said to the driver. I got down and headed to the other car that was following us.

“Drive to school” I ordered them, “don’t worry Diamond I’m coming”


I was still feeling sad, Ray didn’t cover to school today and neither did Jessie, I had called her to tell her what happened and she told me I didn’t think anything to worry about, maybe he was really busy. But I still felt sad.

The students were ready nice to me today, giving me gifts and all, i was done with my food when one girl rushed towards me with a smoothie, before I could get out of the way she had poured the smoothie all over me

“OMG, I’m so sorry, please forgive me” I just nodded and left her to the restroom

I had managed to get the smoothie off my clothes when suddenly the door jammed, I turned and saw four guys with that bully that princey beat up.

“This is a females bathroom, it’s bad to be in here” I told them

“Really!, Grab her” he said and three of the guys rushed towards me and pinned me to the floors while one kept watch.

” What are you doing, let go of me, PRINCEYY” I yelled

Danny’s POV

I rushed into the school like a mad man,I was in my academy when Ray called me told me to hurry to the school to save his girlfriend or best friend whatever, that he was stuck in traffic”

Okay, who am I?, I’m a detective and also Ray’s cousin. And I owe his family a lot, my dad that stole his father’s properties, when he died leaving them poor and wretched. Long story short , they found out, solved it and instead of locking my dad up they forgave him and even shared the property into two giving him half of it. So I’ll always be grateful to them.

I searched but couldn’t find her, I began thinking this was a prank call, when I heard someone creaming. I rushed there and saw a beautiful girl being manhandled by four guys. They were trying to rape her

” What kind of a school is this?,” Without thinking twice i grabbed first one, the rest ran away.

” Who sent you?” I asked

” Queen Clarissa” he replied getting scared when he saw my badge

“Isnt that the class room every one’s talking about” I thought as I rushed into the school Hall in search for her. The pretty girl followed me..

I got into the Hall and saw her with some other girls. I walked up and her

” Are you Clarissa? ”

“Yea so what?” She replied rudely and I slapped her. Okay It may seem improper but I was taught to give respect to whomever deserves it and this girl doesn’t sending a group of us to rape her fellow girl

“What the hell do you know who I am” she yelled feeling shocked

” Yes, I do and you are under arrest for planning the attempted rape of Diamond” I said and she was short of words. It’s a good thing that the students were having lectures because it would have been a big disgrace being that she’s a celebration and all.

As I took her out, Raymond came in, he didn’t even asked me what was up he just ran to meet the girl I saved and hugged her.. I chuckled two love birds. I sure hope they’ll be happy.

Queen Classroom, I hope you learn your lesson now, as for mama Ray,thumbs up, good parenting,


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