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The Prettiest Of Them All – Episode 14



“Princey kissed me, princey kissed me and not the evil princess” I kept singing in my mind
” But why did he kiss me?” I asked myself

” Maybe he likes me?, Of course he likes me l’m his princess” I thought and smiled

” Diamond behave yourself, it was for the film” I warned myself and smiled nonetheless

” Awwwwwwn, she’s so beautiful when she smiles” the guy cleaning the makeup said

“Yea, and her skin is so soft, she will be the perfect model for perfect skin cream don’t you think” the other guy said

” Yea, I agree but do you think Queen Clarissa will give away that spot”

“Abeg, who queen Clarissa help, once this video goes viral everyone would want Diamond, and besides sir Raymond and ma’am Diamond look perfect together”

They kept conversing with each other while I wondered where princey was, he had suddenly left after the end of the shoot and I was worried

They finished with the cleansing and a young man came to take me away, saying I was needed in a meeting

“Will princey be in the meeting” I asked and he nodded

We got to the meeting and I saw Clarissa I became scared immediately because she looked like she wanted to kill me. Prince was yet to come, I sat down wondering where prince went.

Not long after prince arrived with a fat woman , she looked like the fairy godmother in Cinderella, I waved at them and she smiled back but prince just walked on didn’t even look at me, he just sat down with his phone, I felt really sad.

“I have to say Raymond, you’ve done it again, and where did you get such a wonderful model” she said to prince

“She’s not a model, she’s a lunatic” Clarissa said and Ray shot her a scary look but didn’t say anything

“Lunatic?, Stop joking Clarissa, and I’m really sorry that you were cut off at the last minute, but you know how the business runs, nothing but the best” Clarissa wanted to say something but she didn’t

“What’s your name girl?” She asked looking at me

“Diamond” I replied

“Oh God not again” Raymond exclaimed and everyone turned to look at him

“Are you okay?” Fairy godmother asked

“Uhn? , I’m okay” he replied and she continued

“So Diamond, how would you like to become the next face of Starz high” she asked

” That’s impossible, I’m the current face of Starz high” Clarissa interrupted

“Stop getting worked up for nothing, you keep forgetting that the face of Starz high, is a competition open to all like, and you’ve been lucky to have won for five years in a row, I think it’s time for a new face, but if you still want to compete no problem, may the prettiest win” she said to Clarissa and turned to me

“So what do you think, are you going to compete?” She asked, I looked at princey but he was just lost in thought, while Clarissa was glaring at me

“Will you two just disappear” Raymond exclaimed again, I was getting scared, did I do anything wrong. Every body looked at him again but he just shrugged.

“I don’t know” I replied

“Take your time to think about it”

Okay. I replied


We were at the meeting but I wasn’t even listening, I’ve been feeling guilty ever since I kissed Diamond, I can’t stop feeling like I took advantage of her, but deep down, I actually loved kissing her.

Gosh why am I getting so worked up, it’s just a kiss, and it’s not my fault that she had to be so beautiful and funny and innocent. I was daydreaming again about her

“GET YOURSELF TOGETHER MAN” my subconscious yelled

😇 I told you, but you just had to listen to the devil , didn’t you?
😈 Hey, what did I do, am I the one that controlled his lips

“Oh God, not again” I exclaimed and every one turned to look at me , did I say that out loud ” sorry I told them’

😇 You planted his thoughts there, dummy

😈 Enough blaming, what’s done is done, what matters now is what you do after

😇 Yea, for once he’s right, I suggest you explain yourself to her

😈 What sort of stupid idea is that, just avoid her for a bit and she’ll forget everything

😇 You’re really so stupid, how does that solve the problem

😈 Look at Who’s calling who stupid, you’re a guy putting on a dress

😇 It’s not a dress it’s a robe and it’s not stupid

” Will you two just disappear” I yelled again and everyone turned to look at me but I just shrugged

😇 Awwwwwwn she’s scared, fix this!” He said and disappeared

😈 Yea, fix it,. He also disappeared

” Stupid conscience” I thought.

The meeting ended and before I could leave Diamond walked up to me, they had cleaned the makeup off her face but she looked pretty all the same. She was biting her bottom lips, the way she normally did when she’s nervous or scared.

I wanted to cheer her up but I couldn’t say a word because my eyes, may your eyes not put you in trouble.My eyes like they had a mind of their own kept staring at her lips, distracting me no matter how I tried to look at her face my eyes kept going there. It was likely they were inviting me to kiss them

” Aissh, Diamond am really busy. I’ll tell the driver to drop you off at home” I saw and ran off. She looked sad but I had to go before I do something stupid.

Chai, This Raymond self too like kiss, you better no go do anyhow go break our princess heart

And Clarissa aka classroom🤣 continue claiming queen oooo, Diamond would still surpass you

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