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The Prettiest Of Them All – Episode 13



Today is the day I’ve been dreaming of all my life, I had almost forgotten what happened yesterday with Diamond, that girl she’s lucky she didn’t come home last night

“Where’s she by the way?” Sasha asked

“Don’t know don’t care, I just hope she’s dead and gone” I said

“That’s too harsh Clarissa, she’s a really nice girl” Sasha replied and I grew suspicious

“Hope you’re not beginning to like her” I said she scoffed

“I don’t like her, why would I like her she made me get into trash” she said and I smiled satisfactory

“Okay, enough of that thing, what do you think I should wear to see my Raymond”

I got to the location for the shoot , Ray was yet to come I kept checking to catch of a glimpse of his car finally he arrived, I fixed my make-up and ran to meet him but to my surprise he was with Diamond. The workers of Starz we’re just staring at her like they’ve seen a goddess

👥 OMG, is that girl human, she’s so beautiful she doesn’t need makeup
👥Look at her shape too nice curves, is she a model?
👥 What stupid question is that?, she must be a model, wait is she dating Ray?
👥Yea why is she holding him that way, they must be dating

I was burning with anger and jealousy, “will you guys stop gossiping and get to work” I yelled at them and they sauntered off

“What are you doing here” I asked Diamond while glaring at her

“None of your business” Ray replied me and walked off with her

I was angry but I consoled myself with the fact that in an hour time I’ll be kissing Ray, having him all to myself. I got to the meeting where they were briefing us on the photo shoot

“Wait, is princey going to kiss another princess” Diamond asked

“Of course, are you dumb?” I said to her and she looked down sadly

“Cancel the kissing part” Ray said and I heard like a bang in my ear

“But Ray, I… I…” I tried protesting but words refused to form,

Soon the piops were set for the shoot and we began Ray was looking so hot in tux and all through the shoot I couldn’t stop staring at his lips. We got to the final shoot and I was leaning on Raymond’s arms, I glanced at Diamond she was playing with a toy

“I hope she sees this” I thought and kissed Ray

Raymond POV

I was shocked at the kiss, I quickly left the girl making her falling to the ground but I didn’t care, I chased after Diamond.

“God, this girl is a fast runner” I thought as I called her name but she didn’t stop

I finally caught up with her she was in tears, I felt my heart rip in two

“Why are you crying, baby?”

“I’m crying because princey has found another princess and very soon princey will leave me” she said and sobbed even more

Awwwwwwn so cute “don’t cry baby you are this prince only princess”

“But princey was kissing the evil princess she will steal his heart”

” Aissh, that was just a mistake, no one can take you away from me” I said and she smiled a bit


“Really, you know what, how would you like to be a real princess” I asked and she nodded

I took her by the hand and led her to the shoot arena, “cancel the shoot I had with the evil princess, sorry I mean, what’s your name again?, Class room?”

“Clarissa” she replied looking confused and scared at the same time

“Yea, cancel the shoot I had with her, I wanna do it with Diamond” I said and she gasped

“What the hell?, You can’t just do that” she yelled at me I scoffed and turned to her

“Hope you realize who you are yelling at, I can have you fired this very second” I threatened

“Uhm sorry, what I mean is we’ve already started the shoot and I’m pretty sure diamond doesn’t even want to do it, right?” She asked Diamond

“I want to be the princess” Diamond replied slowly

“Take her to the dressing room and have her ready for the shoot” I told them and they left with her, class room or what’s her name again left angrily while I went to get ready

When I came out from my dressing room and saw Diamond my heart did a triple summersault, she was so beautiful I walked up to her grabbed her and was about kissing her when I felt a tap on my shoulders

” Uhm Ray we’ve been calling your name for five minutes, what we’re you thinking about” my manager asked looking at me worriedly, he traced my eyes to Diamond and smiled

“Oooo, I understand” he said and wiggled his brows

” What do you understand, will you stop thinking rubbish and get ready for the shoot” I scowled at him

“We’ve been ready for ten minutes just waiting for you to come out of your day dreaming, are you done now or should I get you a bed” he laughed and left

“Remind me to fire you later” I yelled after him

We began the shoot, and I have to say Diamond was a real gem, she did it so well the officials we’re amazed I could see smiles of approval on their faces.
we did the photo shoot and got to the last part where she rested on my arms. I looked at her lips it was calling me and the lipstick just made it more irresistible.

I couldn’t hold myself anymore, i kissed her right there. Her lips were so soft and it tasted like strawberry, I felt like kissing her that way for the rest of my life.

Awwwwwwn, Raymond so you let the devil win at last.
But I’m pitying Clarissa ooo, they even changed her name to classroom 😂😂😂😂

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