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The Prettiest Of Them All – [Episode 1 – 20]

The prettiest of them all

The prettiest of them all



Many of us knows the story of snow-white, the beautiful girl, tortured by her stepmom but later got married to the prince and so on. Well the story of Diamond knights is almost similar. Our snow-white Diamond knights got into an accident at the age of six, which killed her mom and landed her in coma. Her moms best friend Morgana tricked her dad Desmond knights into marrying her. Twelve years later Diamond woke up from the coma but with a mental problem she still has the brain of a six year old. Like the movie snow-white finds her prince charming but will Diamond’s prince charming love her for who she is and can he protect her from the wolves disguised as sheeps. Find out in “THE PRETTIEST OF THEM ALL”


Diamond knights(snow white)

Raymond kings(prince charming)

Desmond knights(Diamond’s father)

Morgana (Diamond’s stepmom)

Clarissa ( Morgana daughter)

Season 1

Episode 1


📡Breaking news: Diamond knights only child of the famous trilloniare Desmond knights has woken up from coma after twelve years sources have told us that she woke up this morning by …..📡 I scoffed as I watch the turned off the TV, I don’t know why she had to wake up now after twelve years, she better not be a hindrance to my plans else I’m going to deal with her just like I dealt with her mother..

Not long after I heard voices coming from the palour I rushed down to see my husband Desmond with his daughter, she was just jumping up and down like a kid.

“Diamond calm down” Desmond said but she just shrugged and continue with what she was doing , Desmond was talking to a doctor about her condition, seems like she’s mentally ill. Good she can’t destroy my plans in her condition. I got down from my hidding place to meet my husband. How he became my husband was a story on it’s own

When he heard the news of his wife’s death he was so sad that he drank himself to stupor, I took advantage of the situation and slept with him the next morning I cried and accused him of raping me two months later I came with the news of pregnancy which of course was fake and since I was his late wife’s best friend and already a single parent he felt so guilty he married me, so thats how the trilloniare became my husband and am not going to let anything or anyone spoil my plans..

Clarissa POV

I was in class with my friends there was no teacher so we were discussing about the latest news in town the city’s darling Raymond Kings had just returned from his tour and his going to be taking a six months break, that means he’s going to attend school , I’m just so excited Raymond has been my crush since forever but the thing is that he doesn’t associate with anyone who would blame him he’s a celebrity afterall, I’ve done photoshoots with him but now that his back I’m going to make sure he becomes my boyfriend. Lemme introduce myself, I’m Clarissa knights, my mom married the trilloniare and he adopted me, I’m also the city’s diva. I’ve won most beautiful girl in Carlifornia and nobody’s gonna take my place. Soon the bell rang for closing I took my bag and headed home only to meet a girl my age jumping on the couch immediately I was filled with jealousy because she was too beautiful and cute too, out of anger, I grabbed her arm and was dragging her out

“Who are you and do you know how much that couch costs” I shouted at her but she started crying. I was shocked but didn’t stop dragging her, suddenly my dad came and took her from me

” What is wrong with you, unh” my dad shouted, he had never raised his at me before, I was so angry I yelled back

“You are shouting at me because of this thing” I said and received the greatest slap of my life

” She is my daughter” he yelled back

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